Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gratitude Notes [dos]

Courtesy of Dylan and Sara Photography

Been lagging behind in these posts but I definitely love them. Really help me to notice the positive things in my life (big and small).

I am grateful for our parent's consistent support and help. This past weekend we moved out of our apartment in Kitchener after a quick six months due to my schooling and placement being moved cities. From organizing a truck to help us out, to doing the moving, to finding space for all our stuff. We really have the best parents.

I am grateful for a little break. This week is March Break in the schools so I have four days off of my placement. However, I am still working at camp as a PSW but a little change in scenery and pace is nice so far.

I am grateful for CBC radio 2. Getting me to and from work/school each and everyday. Finally found my all-time favourite radio station that I can listen to pretty much anywhere in Canada.

I am grateful for warmer days. The past few days have been so warm that I have put my winter coat away for good. A snow storm will hit tonight and into tomorrow but I refuse to take it out again. Layering up from here on out! Hellllllllo spring.

I am grateful for my momma! My mom celebrated her 56th birthday yesterday and we were lucky enough to have dinner with her Sunday and Monday evenings. She lets out a different side of me when I'm around her. I feel a bit more carefree and funny.

And finally, I am grateful for Tuesday night yoga dates with my friend, Katherine. After not getting out too much in the previous week, my whole body is aching and I love it. I love everything about yoga. Tonight I had some misses, lost my balance, and some successes! (holding crow for the longest and sturdiest in my life!).

Monday, March 10, 2014

Teenage Daze

The other day, Netflix made a suggestion for me to watch Dance Academy. For some reason I just eat up dance movies and shows. Maybe it's a nod to my days of competitive dance or just a genre I enjoy (ugh weird). I honestly couldn't stop smiling today because after watching like 20 episodes in two days I had this giddy teenagery jump in my step. First loves, first kiss, awkward breakups, fights with best friends. For some reason it all really got to me this weekend. It made me think about those make out sessions I had in my high school hallways. About what a big deal it was to hold hands with someone when you were twelve. And all the fluctuating emotions and how every feeling was a big feeling. Sometimes I miss that daily passion. Sometimes I'm happy I'm a bit more successful at regulating myself these days (definitely not everyday).

Dance Academy Showreel from Dance Academy on Vimeo.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Last Night as Big People For Awhile

Tonight Ryan and I (and Zoey) are spending our last night together in our apartment. Tomorrow is the big move out of here. Since I was placed back in our hometown for my Master's practicum, it just didn't make sense for us to be paying rent and live in a different city. Driving in the car on the way here, I was so upset. I just loved this apartment and even though we had only spent 3-4 months here all I could think about were the memories we already made. Zoey running around in her first halloween costume. All the recipes we experimented with. Waiting by the window with Zoey, watching Ryan pull into the driveway. Hiding each other love notes.

It's the end of an era but I guess everyone moves back home at some point (that's a thing our generation still does right? RIGHT?!). Thought we would get that in before we get married next year. I joke about how we're going backwards. How we got engaged, moved in together, and now moving back home to our parents' homes. Maybe it won't be so bad in the end though. To get ourselves organized, stable, and ready before we do it again for reals.

One more year.

Well actually 13.5 months but who's counting?

Finding Inspiration

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I yearn for thoughts of sipping a latte and having all the time in the world to pull out my fully charged laptop and write for hours. Sadly, rarely do I have time to get to a coffee shop and just sit. I'm either impatiently waiting for my drink or wishing I left early enough to stop at all. But still, those are the images that float in the back of my mind lately. Probably a sign I should be having that more in my life.

This past weekend I looked at my blog and felt like it did not fit me anymore. It was too colourful, too preppy, too chevron-y. There was just too much going on in general. I needed a more sleek, simple, but modern look. After a few hours of pondering and getting some voting in from Ryan we settled on this one you would be seeing now. I actually love it.

Funny how things can imply meaning in other parts of your life. Needing to change things up and feel more simplistically beautiful. I recently changed my career plan, learned I want to get back to my roots and try my hand at writing short stories, and start seriously (I mean seriously) saving money. Simple enough changes but also exciting and different.

I want to write more from the soul. Listen to music and feel like I used to in high school when I listened to Ingrid Michaelson or The Cranberries. Everything was so raw. I want to paint. I want to go outside and run. Movement is art, too. I want to learn more about myself.