Monday, March 10, 2014

Teenage Daze

The other day, Netflix made a suggestion for me to watch Dance Academy. For some reason I just eat up dance movies and shows. Maybe it's a nod to my days of competitive dance or just a genre I enjoy (ugh weird). I honestly couldn't stop smiling today because after watching like 20 episodes in two days I had this giddy teenagery jump in my step. First loves, first kiss, awkward breakups, fights with best friends. For some reason it all really got to me this weekend. It made me think about those make out sessions I had in my high school hallways. About what a big deal it was to hold hands with someone when you were twelve. And all the fluctuating emotions and how every feeling was a big feeling. Sometimes I miss that daily passion. Sometimes I'm happy I'm a bit more successful at regulating myself these days (definitely not everyday).

Dance Academy Showreel from Dance Academy on Vimeo.

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