Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I yearn for thoughts of sipping a latte and having all the time in the world to pull out my fully charged laptop and write for hours. Sadly, rarely do I have time to get to a coffee shop and just sit. I'm either impatiently waiting for my drink or wishing I left early enough to stop at all. But still, those are the images that float in the back of my mind lately. Probably a sign I should be having that more in my life.

This past weekend I looked at my blog and felt like it did not fit me anymore. It was too colourful, too preppy, too chevron-y. There was just too much going on in general. I needed a more sleek, simple, but modern look. After a few hours of pondering and getting some voting in from Ryan we settled on this one you would be seeing now. I actually love it.

Funny how things can imply meaning in other parts of your life. Needing to change things up and feel more simplistically beautiful. I recently changed my career plan, learned I want to get back to my roots and try my hand at writing short stories, and start seriously (I mean seriously) saving money. Simple enough changes but also exciting and different.

I want to write more from the soul. Listen to music and feel like I used to in high school when I listened to Ingrid Michaelson or The Cranberries. Everything was so raw. I want to paint. I want to go outside and run. Movement is art, too. I want to learn more about myself.

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