Friday, March 7, 2014

Last Night as Big People For Awhile

Tonight Ryan and I (and Zoey) are spending our last night together in our apartment. Tomorrow is the big move out of here. Since I was placed back in our hometown for my Master's practicum, it just didn't make sense for us to be paying rent and live in a different city. Driving in the car on the way here, I was so upset. I just loved this apartment and even though we had only spent 3-4 months here all I could think about were the memories we already made. Zoey running around in her first halloween costume. All the recipes we experimented with. Waiting by the window with Zoey, watching Ryan pull into the driveway. Hiding each other love notes.

It's the end of an era but I guess everyone moves back home at some point (that's a thing our generation still does right? RIGHT?!). Thought we would get that in before we get married next year. I joke about how we're going backwards. How we got engaged, moved in together, and now moving back home to our parents' homes. Maybe it won't be so bad in the end though. To get ourselves organized, stable, and ready before we do it again for reals.

One more year.

Well actually 13.5 months but who's counting?

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  1. I hear you! After living alone in at Guelph, and my boyfriend having his own apartment, we both moved back in with our own parents in the fall, it is a tough transition, but it is what is best for now! Glad you're doing well!