Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gratitude Notes [dos]

Courtesy of Dylan and Sara Photography

Been lagging behind in these posts but I definitely love them. Really help me to notice the positive things in my life (big and small).

I am grateful for our parent's consistent support and help. This past weekend we moved out of our apartment in Kitchener after a quick six months due to my schooling and placement being moved cities. From organizing a truck to help us out, to doing the moving, to finding space for all our stuff. We really have the best parents.

I am grateful for a little break. This week is March Break in the schools so I have four days off of my placement. However, I am still working at camp as a PSW but a little change in scenery and pace is nice so far.

I am grateful for CBC radio 2. Getting me to and from work/school each and everyday. Finally found my all-time favourite radio station that I can listen to pretty much anywhere in Canada.

I am grateful for warmer days. The past few days have been so warm that I have put my winter coat away for good. A snow storm will hit tonight and into tomorrow but I refuse to take it out again. Layering up from here on out! Hellllllllo spring.

I am grateful for my momma! My mom celebrated her 56th birthday yesterday and we were lucky enough to have dinner with her Sunday and Monday evenings. She lets out a different side of me when I'm around her. I feel a bit more carefree and funny.

And finally, I am grateful for Tuesday night yoga dates with my friend, Katherine. After not getting out too much in the previous week, my whole body is aching and I love it. I love everything about yoga. Tonight I had some misses, lost my balance, and some successes! (holding crow for the longest and sturdiest in my life!).

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