Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in 2014 with New Visions, Friends, and Love

I am so grateful to have spent the last month starting a new job at lululemon athletica in a mall in my hometown. It's been a perfect time to jump start a new life and new outlook and new passions. One of my favourite things about the company is their focus on development and potential. On my first day of training we did an exercise on working on our 10-year vision (you can check it out here too). Now I've always loved lists and goals but I'd never sat down to create a vision before. It's really helped me feel more grounded, determined, and purposeful in my day-to-day life.

Thanks to lululemon I've made way more connections in the community in order to commit to a healthier and more active life in 2014. This past year was full of huge milestones: earning my first degree, getting accepted to grad school, getting engaged, moving in together, and putting a deposit down on our wedding venue. I was so lucky to have my three best friends drive down to my place to spend new years eve together. One of the best new years I've ever spent eating Thai, drinking wine, chatting endlessly and falling asleep way too early! I see 2014 as a transitional year. One full of even more planning - wedding planning, career planning, lots of time management between school, practicum, and work. So I want to commit myself fully to the 2014 year of growth, development, and living an intentional life!

My first plans? A seven day detox with Hol Fit, finishing my 15 day run-a-day challenge, and creating some exciting yet achievable goals for the year.


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