Friday, January 3, 2014

Insecurity and Uncertainty

Today I feel grateful for those times I feel unsure, questioning, curious, and sometimes wrong. That uncomfortable feeling when you are not right, confident, or certain. I feel like that's when I really become myself. Being secure everyday of my life would allow little growth and development. Today while working I felt like I just kept screwing up. I didn't have the confidence to make smart and quick decisions. I've always felt that is one of the biggest keys to success is humble confidence. Working at lululemon for the last month has been a constant learning experience. I often wonder if I will ever be at that comfort level you get to. But I feel like that speaks volumes to the type of work lululemon provides to their employees and what most great jobs should have: constant learning opportunities and uncertainty. Don't you just hate those people that think they know everything?! It's because they haven't been forced to question themselves or be challenged.

As much as it's a struggle on my emotionally sensitive self to get through those moments, it's hours later (like right now) that I can appreciate the struggle. But like many others out there I wonder whether those I work with notice the uncertainty or if they see the learning too.

Either way, I'm grateful.

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