Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Awesome Day Turned Sour Turned Sweet Again

Today was my first day of practicum and it was awesome. Met with my supervisor(s) and had a relaxing introduction to the next six months. It was nice that the weather was a bit shady still since the buses to the school were cancelled so barely any students were there. Gave us a nice opportunity to get a tour of the school and meet some staff. Although I won't be working in the school I was in today it was still a great time. My classmate Anna and I will be working closely together and it was great getting to know her a little bit better today. I first met her in one of my classes in September and quickly recognized what an amazing person she was. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to spend that much time with her as we didn't have any assignments together. Really looking forward to this placement with her. We won't be working directly with one another but lots of opportunity to do projects and programs together.

I was so pumped after my day today. I was ready for a great night for my other friend, Katherine. I adore her and we have gotten really close since this summer. She's the one that really introduced me to working at lululemon and she's actually a big inspiration in my life these days. We had planned to go to yoga and have a tea date afterwards. It was literally the perfect end to the day. But, my car has been having troubles for the last while and of course it had to act up today. I didn't make it to yoga and I could just see Katherine there doing her tree pose, looking around the room and seeing I didn't make it. I felt like I had stood up my girlfriend. I sent a teary text message and was so worried she wouldn't respond out of anger, betrayal, and frustration. But she did! And she invited me to her house for a tea date still. After a very stressful evening, it was just what I needed.

Thanks to friends for being amazing. Feeling all kinds of friendship love tonight.

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