Thursday, December 5, 2013

November Goals Recap

So I always love to set monthly goals for myself. More of intentions of the month sometimes, sometimes actual accomplishments. For sake of integrity and being upfront I'd thought I'd finally do a monthly re-cap of my goals. 

  • run 10km comfortably by the end of the month. So I got SUPER sidetracked on this goal because school just got ridiculous for the last two weeks of the month and this past one as well. Adding this to my December list for sure (but maybe adjusting the's gonna get cold, folks!) 
  • book our wedding venue and engagement photos. Not entirely complete but we at least have a confident decision. After this is posted I will be emailing the venue (see this is why I do this...). As for engagement pictures...trying to decide what season we want for them. 
  • get more involved in the community. Definitely getting there! Ryan and I found a few awesome spots in the K/W area and I also got a new job! 
  • finish the semester strong. Meh. Finished yes. Strong? Maybe not AS strong as I would have liked but definitely pleased with the amount of work I put in to each of my papers, presentations, and assignments. Wasn't as stressed as I thought I could have been so that was great. 
  • more yoga in new places. I guess it doesn't count because I got more gung-ho on this this month. Add it to December! 
  • start intentionally responding to text messages, emails, and phone calls. YES! If I did anything amazingly well in November it was being more intentional with my communication. I made sure to text, email, call back as quickly and as often as I could! People actually noticed a difference which was pretty funny but also telling that I really sucked before. 
  • Next? December goal list coming soon!