Saturday, March 2, 2013

March, let's go

I love a good new month. So much to look forward to and so much to leave behind (like the bad stuff, that sounds kind of semi-dramatic). So I am linked up with Melissa from [insert sarcastic remark here] and her goals for the month. And March, being that first sense of Spring is a great month to pull myself together and get my mind back where it needs to be.

  • organize my time. I usually give myself to-do lists for each day just so I can stay on track but I really think I need to plan out my days hour by hour this month. So many meetings, work shifts, volunteering, papers that I really need to buckle down and stop wasting precious time. 
  • have more tea dates. I had the opportunity to have a great tea date with a colleague from work this past Thursday and loved it. I rarely take the time to put work completely away and just talk with someone. When you make the time to schedule a date, both parties are invested in the conversation and it feels so refreshing from day-to-day hurry. 
  • write a thesis. Ya, no big deal just start and finish my thesis. That's the main goal of this month. It took me so long to narrow down my topic that I've left all the writing (and a lot of the research) to the last month available. But I'm confident everything will work out. 
  • drive a vehicle legally. I don't want to go ahead and label this year for me but if I might be something like "lazy". I let my license expire last summer so Sally has been in a underground parking lot waiting to get fixed up and accompany me to get my license again. But she will be going into the hospital tomorrow and I hope to get back on the horse by the end of the month. 
  • spend more time listening. I've been already working on this for almost all of February but I don't want to take it off my mind just yet. I'm a pretty big talker and I like people to know my thoughts all the time. However, from my experience with similar people I find it exhausting to listen to the same person just talk for the sake of air coming out of their mouths and not actually engaging in a conversation with someone. So I've made a conscious effort to spend more time listening to others but I also want to spend more time listening to other things like music, nature, and just being still. Not a hippy yet but maybe one day...kidding. 
  • keep my room clean. I know that when my room is clean, I am happy and healthy. Hence why I've been grumpy and sick lately. I gotta take more care of my room, keeping my desk workable, and staying on top of laundry or else I may go insane. 
Happy March, folks! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

5 weeks...

I woke up early today. I've been finding that lately, I've been waking up exactly two minutes before my alarm goes off every morning. Seriously. And I'm loving being able to have a relaxing tea and computer read before I head out for the day.

Today marks 5 weeks left of my degree. Five. What a good number.

2 presentations. 2 papers. 1 thesis.

That's all, that's all that's left. As I finished my last exam this passed Tuesday, it felt a bit bittersweet (more sweet than bitter). I want all my "lasts" to be my best but I can feel the energy leaving and exhaustion taking it's place. It's even more sad because this semester I have loved every single one of my classes, I've felt personally connected to everything I'd been learning and now of all times I'm just tired. Drained. And worried.

Well, with that I am off again to catch a train home in hopes of fixing my Sally, my car and getting her back into gear which also means I need to get myself back into gear and get my license again....