Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quarter Life Crisis

In case you have it heard it enough on this blog....I'm going through some life changing times right now. I've been trying to hide away from the blog in fear that everyone will judge me with my extravagant (hint not extravagant) plans post-grad. Then I realized, people are going to judge me in real life so why not let them judge me at a distance on the Internet?

That being said, I still feel too scared to tell you what those plans are. Maybe one day that will spill out, all the more reason to stay updated on this blog again! Right? Because in all honesty I won't really have a plan in place until sometime between April-August. And if you know me at all you know that I despise uncertainty and am not a lover of "going with the flow". Oh, I can certainly "go with the flow" if you tell me where the flow is going, or what's happening next, or what I should be wearing when I'm "going with the flow", who might be accompanying me whilst I'm flowing along. You get the point. I wouldn't say I'm a detail oriented person per se, but I just need to know what's next. So you can imagine what it's like for my mind right now not knowing what's happening with MY LIFE next.

Disregard what this figure has to say about voting. I highly support active citizenship, duh. 

I know I'll be happy (I think) and that I'll be with the people I love (hopefully). But I just can't get past this uncertainty. Some people really love this feeling. HOW?! I mean I could spend all my money and hop on a plan to Australia or something but I'd have to know what's in store for the future for that to happen.

Am I missing something that all my fellow 21 year olds already get? Something along those YOLO lines? I get it, I get it. Do what you want, don't care about the future. Well did you ever stop to think that I CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE?! I do. It's part of my Myers Briggs personality type, check it out.

So what's happening in the mean time? Well I'm dropping a course for the first time because I'm feeling far too overwhelmed on an hourly basis. I just finished an assignment (WHOOP) and just waiting to hear back about the future of my life