Sunday, November 17, 2013

That Time of Year Again

It always happens in academia. Just as you start getting into the groove of things, the semester starts to wind right back down. Currently I have 7 papers, 3 presentations, and lots of meetings within the next two weeks. I hope I can write a few posts about each paper - I think the stuff is pretty interesting. Mostly I am stressed because I'm not stressed and I'm the biggest procrastinator out there. If I've learnt anything in the last few years in school it's that apparently pressure is my friend. 

I found out on Thursday night that my practicum placement did not come through. It's both a blessing and a curse in that I have to start all over again in terms of the matching and interview process at such a busy time but I was concerned about not widening my breadth of experiences - now I have that opportunity. I'm really excited to see what comes of the new choices. 

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