Monday, November 4, 2013

November Goals

Courtesy of Melissa at [insert sarcastic remark here]

  • run 10km comfortably by the end of the month. This will be difficult as I already hate running outside in the cold and running on the treadmill anymore then half an hour is painfully boring. It;s a conundrum I will have to face and tackle this month 
  • book our wedding venue and engagement photos. We've been putting so much off on this wedding planning business...probably because there's so much to think about it and we don't even know where to start. 
  • get more involved in the community. Find events and attend them. We struggle most with the latter. 
  • finish the semester strong. I'll admit it. I'm not as busy as I thought I would be or as much as I should be. I AM going to get a hold on all the readings, put my all into assignments, and stop complaining. 
  • more yoga in new places. I've only really ever done yoga at my gym. I'd love to try a place that actually "specializes" in yoga, lives and breathes it type of thing. One of my friends keeps asking me if I'd be up for joining but I never respond. Which brings me to...
  • start intentionally responding to text messages, emails, and phone calls. This has got to be one of my biggest bad habits right now. Doesn't matter who or when or how, I just never respond to things, ever! Get on this, now! 

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  1. Welcome back! That's quite the list. Good luck. I'm bad at responding to emails. I keep telling myself that I'm going to respond to them once I've read them, but then don't.