Friday, March 1, 2013

5 weeks...

I woke up early today. I've been finding that lately, I've been waking up exactly two minutes before my alarm goes off every morning. Seriously. And I'm loving being able to have a relaxing tea and computer read before I head out for the day.

Today marks 5 weeks left of my degree. Five. What a good number.

2 presentations. 2 papers. 1 thesis.

That's all, that's all that's left. As I finished my last exam this passed Tuesday, it felt a bit bittersweet (more sweet than bitter). I want all my "lasts" to be my best but I can feel the energy leaving and exhaustion taking it's place. It's even more sad because this semester I have loved every single one of my classes, I've felt personally connected to everything I'd been learning and now of all times I'm just tired. Drained. And worried.

Well, with that I am off again to catch a train home in hopes of fixing my Sally, my car and getting her back into gear which also means I need to get myself back into gear and get my license again....

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