Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh Hello There

Remember me?

The namesake of this here blog?

Yea, so let's not beat around the bush. I stopped writing last semester. There are probably many reasons for the decision but one stands out; uncertainty. So many aspects of my life feel like they're about to change right now, grow, become something new. I was scared to write about my daily happenings, journeys, in fear that I would somehow "fail" and the world would know it to be true. But here I am, a new year, new term at school (the last one to be exact), and feeling like I just need to be back with my blog. I'm not sure if I'll get over that fear of "failing" but I'd like to keep you back in the loop of my musings.

I was the first one to embark on the -14 degree weather this morning. I caught the bus with perfect timing, unlocked the gate to work, and got my essential tea and bagel for breakfast. I spent the first 2 hours of my day catching up on 110 emails that had flooded in over the holidays. I actually enjoyed that. After explaining to the next worker what needed to be done throughout the day (a lot), I headed to the bookstore on campus to purchase a new notebook and a few nice pens to start the semester off right. After meandering around for what felt like forever, looking at sweaters that cost over $60 and knowing I would probably not be seen in them after 6 months time, I headed to the cashier with my three purchases. I got my stuff together and headed to my first class of the term in a building I've never been in before so I thought I'd head over earlier than usual. This was a good idea because I had no idea where in the building my room was but I did find out that the building has a little cafe and a couch outside of the room. Perfect. This was my first thesis class. I was pretty nervous but more excited than anything. The professor seems great; intelligent but down to earth. The perfect mix. The class seems very professional but a lot of fun - just like her I guess. We got out early so I speed walked to my bus stop to head home for a washroom break and lunch. After watching an episode of Bunheads (interesting show...) and finishing my lunch of carrots and hummus, I kept wandering back and back and back to my blog wondering why I had been refusing to even look at it for the past two months. Fear of failure. Blogging is strange to me sometimes, and I've seen so many other writers talk about this as well. The insanity of documenting your life on the Internet for everyone to read...and then keeping up with it. It can be a part time job in of itself. So I'm not here to make any crazy promises about writing five times a week, let alone once a week but just to acknowledge that I hear you little blog and I miss you too. Perhaps we may rekindle our relationship. We shall see.

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