Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chaos in the Morning

It's only 11:30am as I sit here at my very own table in the library and write this post. It's already been a day worth writing about. As I trekked across campus all I could think about is how this morning was straight out of a movie or book, with imaginary background music played inside my head and all.

When I left my room and headed to the front door, I already knew something was up. Something just didn't feel right, like I had forgot something. Was it a necklace? My deodorant? I quickly found out once I walked to the bus stop. I had forgotten my student card - my ticket to getting on to the bus. I wasn't concerned about the fact I may have to pay to get on but that I could not even contemplate where my student card would be if it wasn't in my coat pocket. Thankfully, the bus driver wearing some sweet aviator shades let me on without having a student card or having to pay. What a gent.

Last night I was commending myself on how brilliant I was for putting my schedule into my calendar before the winter break - room numbers and all. That was I wasn't scrambling on the first day of class and looked seemingly organized and prepared. Thanks to my handy skills, I proceeded to my 10am class this morning after grabbing a quick tea. The calendar told me to head to MACK 116. Easy peasy. I have had an infinite amount of class in the building and knew exactly where the room was. I opened the door and the class was already packed - a bit strange. After finishing a semester when all the weak students haven't been to class in ages, empty seats spewed out all over the room, to a class where I can't even see an empty chair from the doorway. It was weird. The professor for my class I had had before so I knew what she looked like. I looked to the front of the room and the lady looked very different. She had either aged quite a lot after her maternity leave or this was a different person. I thought to myself that maybe she couldn't make it today and this was another professor in the department filling in. Then I started looking around...listening to conversations.

I asked the girl beside me, "what class is this?"

She replied, "equine management."

"Wow. I should not be here, this is not my class at all."

I hope that didn't make her feel bad or I came off the wrong way...I was just genuinely confused. When I stood up to leave I saw an Aggie walking toward. This was very, very wrong. I quickly went out into the hall and found a table to set my tea on (my hand was burning at this point). I forgot that calendar, clearly it didn't do it's job and checked my course outline online to see where the class could be. I saw my professor's name and a room, MINS 215. Shit, that's literally across campus, I even have to cross a ROAD. A road with cars and everything. I didn't run since I was going to be late anyways and was now back to carrying that scolding hot tea. When I got into to the building, winded all away around the maze of rooms to 215, I realized it was a bank of offices. My professor's OFFICE! I just walked across campus to my professor's office which she clearly would not be at since she was scheduled to be teaching a class starting right now. A class I was supposed to be in!

I went back to my phone. Scrolled the page less than 1mm up and saw that I had read her personal information. Just below was the room for the class, MACK 115. Noticing it yet? Yes, I had originally gone to MACK 116, the room right beside the class I was trying to find. Rookie mistake. I had a quick mental tug of war with myself. Should I head back, walk in, struggle to find a seat for an intro class or just end to the library and get my work done? I answered that question rather fast - headed to class, of course. What do you take me for, a non-nerd?

I walked back across campus again, probably slower this time, took the wrong door into the building which freaked me out. WHERE AM I?! Why is this happening to me? I settled those thoughts and realized I just took the first door instead of the second. That's fine, I just had to walk inside a bit longer than I am used to, poor me. I found the room, walked in the class and desperately looked at my classmates as there were no seats anywhere except one seat exactly in the middle of each row in the room. Meaning I would have to scramble past 6 people with 2 bags, a now luke-warm tea, wiping my butt across their faces trying to pass. I slowly crouched forward looking for a spot. A girl had piled all her winter garments on the seat beside her, scarf, mittens, hat, coat. I asked if I could sit there and she politely moved all of her things.

Phew. I got there. Looked up and saw the same prof that I had had two years earlier. Longer hair, skinnier than before with a picture of her 16 month old daughter on the screen. I want to be her when I grow up.

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