Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To the Boy

Dear birthday boy,

This is the first time, I think ever, we haven't had a chance to spend your birthday or at least the day before, together. It seems strange not to be able to tell you myself, in person, how happy I am to be celebrating another one of your birthdays.

You're 21! And as you pointed out today, we're both the same age now. Something I like to hold above your head for 4 months of the year. But here we are both 21 turning 22 now. Time is flying.

I just want you to know that I appreciate every little thing about you. And hope you have a fun night.



Seven Deadly Sins

Linking up with Shane for an awesome Halloween post. 

seven great things in your life.
1. Chance to go to school.
2. My humour when I get worked up.
3. Friends and family. 
4. Getting a bit better at keeping on eye on the bank account. 
5. Learning what I love and don't love. 
6. Ability to keep my mind open to new things, people, situations. 
7.  Always being able to ask questions. 
seven things you lack and covet.
1. A nice rain coat with a hood.
2. Healthy food, and the time to make AND eat it. 
3. Working out. 
4. Optimism (at least lately).
6. An LSAT score.
7. Make-up skills. 
seven things that make you angry
1. Inconsiderate people. 
2. People who don't try. 
3. Ignorance. 
4. Inequality of every kind. 
5.  People who brag. 
6. A messy room. 
7.  When I get frustrated easily. 
seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Shave. 
2. Read for pleasure. 
3. Blog. (hehe)
4. Cook real meals. 
5.  Stay calm, rationale and reflective. 
6. Count the blessings each day. 
7. Go to bed when I say I will. 
seven worldly material desires.
1. A skin or case for my laptop.
2.  A kitty.
3.  New scarves. 
4.  Leg warmers. 
5. A new book.
6. A trip somewhere outside of this continent
7. Glasses. All the glasses! 
seven guilty pleasures.
1. Chips and dip. 
2. Anything with cheese associated with it. 
3. Watching a season of a show in one day. 
4. Twitter.
5. Buying something new. 
6. Aimlessly surfing the web. 
7. Reading blogs all day long. 
seven things you love about love
1. Being crazy but still being loved. 
2. Being able to send someone those cheesy song lyrics you hear. 
3. Learning to be a better supporter and listener. 
   4. Walking around in my gross clothes, messy hair and still feeling like a million bucks. 
5. Knowing what each other are thinking without saying a word. 
6. Those little arguments. 
7. Still getting butterflies. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Past Weekend

Friday, Saturday, Sunday (even Monday) were a whirl wind. Friday we celebrated Ryan's 21st birthday. After all the chaos of getting home, getting to the restaurant and getting downtown afterwards, it was one of the best nights I've had in awhile. Maybe that's because I was the only female present and hanging out with all guys is just a different vibe. I wished I took more pictures considering the only one I have from the night is this:

Saturday I spend literally lying around all over the house recovering from the night before, which I haven't experienced in years. YEARS! Cue cry about how old I feel. Mom came home and invited me out to a night at the theatre in London to see the play, Calendar Girls. If you've ever seen the movie of the same name, it's very similar. Did you know that it is based on a true story?! Awesome! I even got a glass of wine at intermission. Cue oldness part two. After the show mom and I went on an ice cream date which was a great way to top off the night. 

Sunday I tried to sleep in but not sleep in because I promised my dad we'd have breakfast together. I managed to pull myself together in time and we grabbed the classic breakfast from a family diner. After that we spent the afternoon together cooped up, watching Suits and me trying to study. If my weekend of amazing treats didn't get any better, we snacked on chips and went to Five Guys for dinner. It's exactly what everyone says it is - disgustingly delicious. You could never go there and get a meal for one though, that's definitely something to be shared. We spent the evening watching Margin Call and Too Big To Fail. And wouldn't you know it, I'm reading The Economist now and actually finding it interesting. Amazing what two motion pictures can do for my knowledge. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Twin

I found my twin on Pinterest today. I literally stared at the picture for minutes because it was so eerie. I mean I don't see myself too often from behind but I'm pretty sure it might look like this. Those long fingers. That bun. That pale skin.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


So I haven't been around much lately. Not much at all. And I'm not exactly sure what I can blame it on other than life is around the corner and it's taking a toll on me. I always admired all those upper years who had their lives figured out, they knew exactly where they were going and what they were doing after undergrad. They made it look so effortless. I thought these things would come together, but it seems tougher than that and just because I super aced one midterm, clearly doesn't mean that happened in all of my classes. I quickly felt like everything was falling apart. And I know it isn't - I know it still hasn't. This was not originally meant to be a "downer" of a post, but a welcoming return. So instead I will be reintroducing myself.

My name is Deanna and I'm a student. I am in my last year of my bachelor's degree and I am in love with school, sometimes it's more of a love/hate relationship. But with any other relationships our make-ups are always worth the fights.

I have ambitions and I think they're important at least for me. I don't know of a time when I haven't had a plan for the future. I knew what university I wanted to go to when I was 15. I started researching post-grad options and schools when I was 18.

I love getting dressed. I have been trying to limit the amount of changes I make each morning when deciding what to wear but it's important to me. I'm almost always "dressed up", if I'm more in a loungeish sort of mood than I still try to look somewhat presentable - this could be debatable.

I only ever shower at night, right before bed. As you will see above, I clearly don't have time to shower in the morning when I am busy making multiple costume changes. One day this past year I showered in the morning and it threw everything completely off and I vowed to never do it again.

I'm not sure I believe in "best friends". Who gets to determine who that #1 friend is? I feel like all of my friends bring something different into my life and have taught me so many things, how do you pick one that gets the title?

I believe in honesty. That's about it. When it boils down to it, that's the value I believe in. Friends, family, relationships, religion, life, to me honesty with others and yourself is powerful.

I hate staying up late, and waking up late. I take that back, I can stay up late as long as I am spending those late night hours in my bed. I don't do well in public at nights, I have been known to fall asleep at concerts, bars, and more. When I wake up late, I usually feel like I've wasted the day away and could have accomplished something more if I had just forced myself out of bed.

I'm scared of not living up to people's expectations. And this is scary for me to say finally, but I know there are some more judgmental people out there and people who don't give a care what I do with my life. But the deeper I go and the farther down the road I get, I wonder if I'm doing the right thing, if I'm making people proud.

I want a kitty. And a nice apartment. And just to be honestly, contently happy.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Weekend

I'm back home for thanksgiving weekend now. Feeling uber sick and tired and wishing I could lounge around all day when I remember I have a pretty intense midterm this coming Thursday. Well I do remember that but decided to lounge around either way. Rewarding myself for a great midterm this past Thursday/preparing for a weekend of lots of eating and studying. Can't complain too much about that. 

Mom has been back and forth between the kitchen and the grocery store getting ready for our big dinner tomorrow evening. She's feeding me endlessly. Carrot parsnip cakes, french fies, onion rings, sweet potato curry soup. And this is why nothing compares to the Fall. 

Back to reading about reflexes and circular reactions (Piaget style of course) and watching these puppies bake in preparation for tomorrow's festivities. Mom really wanted me to take a picture of her annual pumpkin cake too but it looks better on a plate so that will have to wait for another time! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Goals

My goals for this month include: 

~ Regular studying
~ Submitting good applications on time for graduate school
~ Getting to know professors even more 
~ Write in my journal more - being more reflective 
~ Read a little for myself 
~ Budget my money better
~ Wake up early enough each morning to not feel rushed 
~ Always feel prepared 
~ Acknowledge the little things people do and the little things I can do too 
~ More tea, less coffee (lattes obviously don't count)