Thursday, August 30, 2012


Tonight I got a new haircut. Those were the days when you would travel to the salon in toe with mom to get that spiffy back-to-school-cut that made you feel so new and so ready to start a new year. I like to continue that tradition and get a new cut before I head back to class. Since I'm still working on growing this mane out, I opted for some brand new bangs. I hated them while they were in the process of being cut right in front of my eyes (no pun intended). So I headed home and dealt with them, moved them around a bit and realized I kinda, sorta, maybe like them. Then my dinner consisted of everything chickpeas. Yum. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweater Weather

As Fall is nearing my love for good music rises. I don't know what it is about the summer but I find that all I listen to is the usual stuff on the radio and that gets really boring, really fast. It's probably because I'm in my car more often or because kids don't want to really listen to Iron & Wine or Dan Mangan or The Black Keys. Here's some classic music for the back to school season, music I used to listen to when walking my route to catch the bus. 


Monday, August 27, 2012

My First Sponsoring

I know, I know it's not a big thing in the blogging world. It's pretty much an everyday occurrence in the land of professionals. But it is a milestone in my own blogging career.

Last night I sponsored my first blog. I stumbled across Tea for Two a few weeks ago. I go through random spurts of needing to find great, new blogs (not too random, it happens very often actually). I loved the feel of this couple's writing and their pictures are beautiful. Sponsoring for the first time was all pretty exciting while at the same time I was learning all about Passionfruit Ads. It's a great site and so simple to use, especially for newbies like me. They do all the sponsoring stuff for you. From advertising spots, to collecting money, to even posting the banners on your site automatically.

So in honour of this occasion, I would like offer eight lucky readers a free space to sponsor DeeBee for an entire month. All you have to do is go here and use the promo code DEEBEE1. Quick! Do it before there's no spots left. They're gonna be hot, hot, HOT!

You don't want to miss this party

My Favourite Apps

I use the app Evernote to take notes on everything. Every class, meetings, to do lists. I have the app on all of my platforms, Macbook, iPad and iPhone. It's perfect because everything syncs automatically so when I'm typing in a class on my laptop and all of a sudden I need to draw a figure or chart I can whip out my iPad and draw right on the note. Then, on the bus back home I can review notes on my phone. Brilliant. 

CIBC Mobile Banking
Pretty self-explanatory. I have never been so efficient with my money as I have now with my iPhone. I can literally check my account before each and every purchase just to be safe. I can transfer money between accounts and pay bills if I need to, all on my phone! 

Jetpack Joyride 
This is my all-time favourite game app for both iPad and iPhone. My brother, Ben introduced it to me this past Christmas when I first purchased the iPad. It's pretty addicting and I never get tired of it, even after 8 months now. There's little goals to complete, things to buy (not real money, thank goodness) and fun to be had. 

TED Talks
Sometimes when I'm in bed at night and I'm too awake to listen to music but too tired to watch a full TV episode I'll pull up a short TED talk to check out. They're perfect and make me feel intelligent. They always have very interesting topics as most of you I'm sure know. A great little bedtime story for me. 

Tunein Radio
I just bought this app a few days ago. I felt like taking a risk because I rarely buy apps, especially ones I haven't really heard of. I love this app because even after how great 8tracks is, there is always those few songs in a playlist that just ruin it for me. But with radio, the expectation of a perfect playlist is way lower, and you just take what you can get and have a happy surprise when those tunes get rolling. With this app, you have access to radio stations across the world, across every genre. It's easy to browse and pick. The reception is sometimes terrible but I can live with it. 

I could be a lot more addicted to Instagram than I currently am but I think it takes some getting used to. I am not really one to document many moments of my life with pictures but I would love to start doing so. I just find it awkward when I'm having a nice dinner with a friend and I want to whip out my phone to start taking pictures of my amazing salad. 

I love it, but I forget about it often. When I do remember to open 'er up and take a gander at all of my social sites in one place it's incredibly easy and elegant. It's the only app I use to view my google reader on and check out daily news too. All in one place. 

Give me some more to check out! What are your favourites?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Awkward Photo Shoot

The weather was actually nice today. It's hard for me to admit when weather is nice. Because by normal standard, everyone loves hot, sunny weather. Well me with my red hair and fair skin despise the sun. But today it was beautiful. And I thought to myself, I need some actual photos of myself. Not anymore of these webcam deals. But if you know me at all, me and cameras don't always go well together. It's not that I hate the camera. It's just that I can get out of control with my smile, and one side is way farther up than the other. Or I think of really awkward positions I think will turn out fantastic (not). Then my cats showed up and taking pictures of myself in front of them was just strange.


Here I am, in a place that I thought I might not arrive in a number years. A place that I actually feel quite comfortable. A place where I haven't thought so much, so seriously in a long time. I was exhausted last night after pouring over websites, opinions, books. But here I am, awake out of pure excitement.

Researching you might say.

Or feeling my way through.

It would have to be a combination of many things. But what I am realizing is that I miss having faith in my life and I want it back. Now it's time to decide how. Where. When. What. Why. And it feels absolutely amazing to have a say in what I believe, where I choose to worship, what I choose to believe.

You see, I was raised in a Catholic home. We went to mass pretty much each Sunday, I went to Catholic schools all of my child life and occasionally went to youth groups. However, as I started getting older and things in my life started to change drastically I did not quite understand how religion fit in my life anymore. Something was missing but I felt going to mass and living my everyday life was not in sync and did not fit with who I was anymore. Not that I had become a bad person. Not that I had made bad choices. I was creating who I am.

My friend, Colleen invited me on a little date you could say this past Friday. We ate amazing salads (really should have taken a picture) and heading to her church's service in our city park downtown. It was quite eye-opening and I realized how much I missed being apart of something. FOMO you might say (fear of missing out). Now, as I am ready to conquer the task I feel that there is too big a void in my life. That something is missing. Whether it is my faith or that community of people that come to gather to support one another or both, I'm ready to see where I fit in.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today was the day. It finally arrived. My Erin Condren life planner is here! I literally counted down the days and over the past two days, the minutes before she would land at the door step. And in honour of her arrival I thought it would be best to celebrate with a fashion show. Here she is ladies and gents. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Back to School 'Must Have' List

1. The perfect planner
My Erin Condren planner is expected to land in my mailbox TOMORROW! That little baby deserves a post all on it's own when it arrives. 
2. Some new fall clothes
New sweaters especially. Just purchased some vibrant red and purple sweaters from Old Navy. Perfect for fall and perfect for school life. 
3. New pens and pencils
4. All calendars, notes and documents organized and synced
I love using my Macbook and iPad to take notes in class. I use the program/app Evernote to organize all of my notes and sync them across platforms. 
5. A new tote for everything under the sun
Still exploring. 
6. Update those tunes
I find that my musical tastes flow from season to season, from moment to moment. Summer tunes and fall tunes are just so different. Gotta bring back some William Fitzsimmons and Glen Hansard
7. Write down some goals
Academic goals. Fitness goals. Health goals. Personal goals.
8. Train tickets to get to the ones you love
There is a sale with VIA rail at the moment for all students to get across Ontario to the ones they love. Must purchase this package once enough money is available in the ol' bank account.
9. Boots
Always need some new fall shoes. The summer shoes have all been worn out and they're just not appropriate for the fall weather anyways. 
10. Rest up
The week leading up to the first day of class will be spent predominately in pajamas with blankets always at hand. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pumping Iron

I have been so tired lately. Well I wouldn't say lately. I've been so tired. Period. And there's no one else to blame but myself. Not my job or lack of sleep. Not the food I'm eating.

It's because I am anemic. I've gone through only one bottle of iron pills in my lifetime and that's only because I had to throw it out eventually because they expired. Now I'm on to bottle #2 and it's not going so well. I think I've taken MAYBE 2 pills in the past 3.5 months. Not good. So from here on out I will be setting a new alarm on my phone to take those pesky pills each and every day. I cannot wait to see how my energy will sky rocket.

This Saturday I met up with some friends (roommates) in Guelph for some much needed catch up time. Pat, my long time friend (wow, can't believe it's been 3 years already!) mentioned that she really wants to try doing hot yoga starting this fall. I really need to keep physically active, keep my energy up and be somewhat healthier. Perfect opportunity to try something new, keep busy and be healthy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brand New

Out with the old and in with the new.

I've always known that the title of my blog was too long. New Adventures of a Redhead?! I mean it made sense. I started this blog embarking on university and I was beyond ecstatic. And the name remained the same over the years because I thought to myself, "why change it when I'll always have new adventures?" But sometimes I don't have adventures. Or at least adventures in the literal sense. Sometimes I will have an adventure out on the town or in the kitchen or on campus but sometimes I like to relax, live life day to day and comment on those day to day musings. I needed a new name that could follow me throughout the course of a life, not just a moment in time.

I might not always have brand new adventures and I might not always be a redhead (I hope I am!) but I'll always be DeeBee.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Probably Pinterest

So there's been this new fad going around of trying out all those things on Pinterest that you find, pin and then never really actually revisit. Like whipping up that amazing berry sorbet or making those chalkboard wine glasses or filling up that mop bucket without having a flood of water on the floor. In lieu of this lazy pinning, I'll be trying to complete or try one new pin each week for as long as I can go!

The Ketchup Bottle Pancakes 


At camp, we make a hot lunch for the kids each week. Some hot lunches include pasta, grilled cheese, subs, pizza and of course a pancake lunch. I've been the star of hot lunch for the past 5 years and pancakes have always been the worst. We usually have to make HUNDREDS of these god forsaken, tiny, dough circles for kids to eat and we always end up with, let's say 27, pancakes that just didn't turn out well enough. They always different sizes, kids complain, hard to flip them, it's just a big mess. So from some random Pinterest advice someone actually posted to Facebook, I found the solution. A KETCHUP BOTTLE.

The morning of our pancake lunch, I washed out a ketchup bottle (a ton) and soaked it for a few minutes. We were a bit hesitant because it obviously still smelt a lot like ketchup and we hoped the pancakes would turn out not ketchupy tasting. So we went for it. Made the batter, used a funnel to pour it into the bottle and we got at it. EASY PEASY! We whipped out around 100 pancakes, all very similar in shape, very little mess and beautifully done if I do say so myself. I would definitely consider saving up those ketchup bottles for breakfasts in the future.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Loving little date nights with friends. Our friends Eric and Emily had dinner with Ryan and I this weekend and it was pretty fun. We walked up and down Richmond Row in London, having dinner at a gourmet pizza place, grabbing frozen yogurt for dessert and getting a few drinks at our usual hang out spot. I can't wait for more of those as time goes on. Even if it wasn't that grand of a night, little get togethers and getaways are wonderful.

Reading Odd Girl Out, a book on bullying between girls and The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible. I'm just realizing now that I'm not really reading any "fun" books! Weird. But the book on bullying is actually super interesting and reads as a great book, not a textbook.

Watching the television show Parenthood. Now that all the Olympic festivities are complete, there's nothing left to really watch on the actual TV so I resort to shows I haven't watched or need to catch up on. I started watching this show a few months ago, in the early summer and loved it. I love peeking into the lives on families - and actual plausible family stories.

Thinking about coming up with a better (shorter) name for the blog. Sometimes it just feels too long and I wish I had a better "brand" name than a 5 word phrase. Ideas?! Hand them over.

Anticipating Fall and the start of another school year. I am so anxiously waiting for classes to start again, to be back in Guelph and to get my organization on. There are so many opportunities both inside the classroom and outside this year that I am pretty excited for. It's also my last year at Guelph, so it's definitely going to be a whirlwind. And a connected sub-note, I can't wait to get my brand new planner in my hands (guesstimate of 1.5 weeks to go).

Wishing I took my iron pills more regularly so I had a better level of energy everyday. I feel so drained each day and come home just wanting to lie down. I barely even eat when I get home and I wish I had more time for friends and family.

Making me happy when I wake up to pouring rain outside. I love the smell and the sound and we've desperately needed rain this summer. It's so relaxing to start a day off like that.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Short Letter

Dear Life,

You're really freaking me out. I have less and less time to figure out what to do after this final year of school. The only option really is school but what program? That's always been a struggle for me, picking a subject I like the best. I love so many things. And now it's not only about picking a subject I like but being competitive and strategic. Is this what life is like?! A game of when to apply, what references to use, what references to save, where to apply, where not to apply. But I LOVE it. I love exploring all the possibilities, all the opportunities. It's always exciting to be the top dog and be in your final year but it's so great to embrace new changes, new places, new people.

More specific post-grad plans to come in future months. But I'm already thinking about this school year, going over class schedules, thinking of all the extra-curriculars, jobs, volunteering I want to do. Thinking of the fall, the greatest time of the year in terms of weather and clothing. And best of all, ordering a new planner. I've had my eye on Erin Condren's planners for the past while but couldn't make a decision on which one I really wanted/suited me. All of my things are pretty much purple. My computer case. iPhone case. My room. But I think I will be going with a more multi-coloured option. But as you can tell I am just pumped for school and cannot wait to get back into the swing of things.

My name is still Deanna Brockmann, don't worry.