Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pretending to be a Chef Part 2

In light of pretending to be a chef part one, I continued my experiments with lunch and dessert yesterday. Seriously I was so proud of the lunch. Grilled cheese sandwich with homemade guacamole and bacon strips in between the cheese. Super delicious but SUPER filling. For dessert I wanted to make a cake and I had been waiting to make it ever since I read this. I was kind of worried after I made it because Ryan and I were both still pretty from lunch and random snacking around dinner time (this was about 9:30-10:00pm). But we both gave it a go and here's how my cake turned out. If you want to try it yourself check out the original inspiration for my talents. And thank you to Patricia, who unknowlingly yet so kindly donated some of her chocolate sprinkles. Thanks, Pat!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pretending to be a Chef

Every once in awhile I get this feeling. A feeling of making something magnificent to eat which usually turns out not so magnificent but hey, at least I got off my bum and did something fun. With Ryan in Guelph for the next few days, I wanted to make some awesome lunch, dinner and snacks to start the summer off right! Tonight I made mac and cheese (with extra cheese!). I then lined a muffin pan with two pieces of ham and filled them with the mac and cheese. Threw them in the oven, took them out 20 minutes later and topped them with a touch of parmesan and paprika. Our salad was romaine with awesome tomatoes, bacon bits (real, none of that store bought stuff) and parmesan with some balsamic dressing. For dessert I tried my hand at some type of parfait. I just whipped up some vanilla pudding and added fresh fruit. However, the pudding turned yellow which made me a little sad but still tasted pretty great!

Ryan wanted to take a picture of the finished product - he hates tomatoes. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


You could say that my summer began this past Monday when I wrote my last exam but I had three more days of work left at my part time job so I'm going to go ahead and say today is my official beginning of summer. It's a perfect beginning! I am taking yet another road trip to Ottawa. My dad and I will be travelling together, but not in the same car. We're not really environmentalists. We're going to follow one another, take pit stops together, it's pretty cute and I'm excited. Ryan's last exam is tonight so we intend to celebrate and start the summer off right!

LSAT studying began on Wednesday but I'm already behind I'm going to have to really pick it up next week. I try not to think about it too much, but that's just crazy unrealistic.

See ya on the flip side.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Drive in Guelph

In the small celebration of the end of exams, my friend Alyson and I decided to venture out to visit a part of Guelph we had never been to before. The goal was to find a restaurant, well just a place that had food that we had never been to before. We cheated. We had dinner at the Works, a place we had both been to before. BUT I took a walk on the wild side and ordered the San Francisco Treat. For those of you who are not big "The Works" nerds that's a burger with mac and cheese on top. It was AMAZING! I was very unsure about it but it was just perfect. I don't think I will ever be able to try the peanut butter with cream cheese one. Ew. But good enough for me! This is just a video of our drive back from downtown Guelph, through a bit of campus and nearing my house. It's a sad time when my webcam is better quality than my legitimate camera.



Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan from Happy Day

Dear Monday, you actually haven't been half bad. Probably because I write most of my "Dear Monday" posts before the day has really had a chance to make a name for itself. But it's actually been a pretty relaxed day, especially for one with an exam and a meeting and a trip all packed together. 

Dear Third Year, GOODBYE! I wrote my last exam of my third year of undergrad this afternoon. One. more. year. Can you believe it?! This time next year I will have completed a degree. A DEGREE. Too strange to think about. It's been a great year, probably one of the best. I learnt so much and definitely not just limited to the classroom. There are a ton of things I am going to miss but right now I am not going to miss writing papers, assignments or exams. I am not going to miss not eating because of being too lazy, too busy or not having any good food. 

Dear Momma, thank you for the 50 personal sized portion meals that you made me take back to school with me. As you may already know from this post, my mom likes to do it up big. Every freezer in this house (2 and 1 mini freezer) are FULL of your meals to keep me nourished for the next few weeks. 

Dear LSAT, I start studying(ish) for you tomorrow. I'm going to be straight up with you, I'm pretty nervous but if I can convince myself that writing again in October is an option, maybe the anxiety will dissipate. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sleep Diet

Isn't it the most AMAZING feeling in the entire universe when you wake up in the morning looking and feeling like this:

But then you finish the day looking like this: 

That's what I call a successful sleep diet.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Mom, The Pinner

I can't remember the exact date or time of the year but I have a feeling it was around the Winter-ish season we barely saw this year. That was the time I introduced my mother to Pinterest. And I awoke the beast. As soon as she found out that an invitation was required and that she would have to wait, she was not pleased, not pleased one bit. I went back to school after this and I kept getting phone calls, "Why haven't I got an account yet?! How do I make a board, all I have is pins or something, everywhere, HOW DO I DO THIS?!"

It was a tough, tough time.

But we made it through and now Mom is a pinning genius. She even insists on waking up early so that she can get her pin on. Oh, she's also an interior designer so I think this contributes to her job, no? I think she should get paid for it, don't you?! At Easter she insisted on pulling out her iPad and showing us all her new pins on her "Amazing Photography" board. She's too funny. She is the first professional pinner that I am aware of. I dare you to beat my mom! DARE YOU!

My mom the way I know her best. Stylin' with her iPad in her hands.

My mom's Pinterest stats: 
  • 69 Boards
  • 5878 Pins
  • 12 Following 
She also gives very creative names to her boards including: Art in my Coffee, Wooden Shoes (Klompen) It's a Dutch Thing and Wonderful Redheads. 

Visit her, folow her, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Boat on a Lake

With an exam tonight and studying the last chapter on attraction, love and conflict I came across this, 

He was happy; but having embarked on married life, 
he saw at every step that it was not at all what he had anticipated. 
At every turn he felt like a man who, 
after admiring the smooth, happy motion of a boat on a lake, 
suddenly finds himself in it. 
It was not enough to sit still without rocking the boat - 
he had to be on the look-out and never forget the course he was taking, 
or that there was water beneath and all around. 
He must row, although his unaccustomed hands were made sore. 
It was one thing to look on and another to do the work, 
and doing it, though very delightful, 
was very difficult. 

- Leo Tolstoy 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Exam period officially begins tomorrow. I know what you are all thinking, "what a bummer!". Especially with Easter this weekend, visiting family and trying to study don't go well together that often. I didn't go home this weekend because I just had far too much work to do. It's been FABULOUS. Campus is completely empty, tables can be found in the library at any time of the day and did I mention that there's barely anyone around?!

The only problem is that cafes and eateries on campus are closed or have very, very strange hours. Thank goodness I no longer live on campus of I'd be a tad furious. It's a little ridiculous that an entire university changes it's hours for one Christian holiday. Public, nondenominational school. But that's neither here nor there.

This afternoon I am meeting up with some family in Waterloo which is great for me because it's not too far away, especially because home is a little while farther. It's going to be nice to see some loved ones before exams officially hit. But I'm not feeling too stressed for some reason. This time next week I'll be prepping for my last exam of third year and I'm not feeling too too overwhelmed. As always this is both a good and a bad thing. Oh how exambrain can do crazy things to an individual.

Happy Easter!

p.s. apparently coconut is a key ingredient in modern day Easter dishes? Who knew.



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Credit, Baby

Another one of those milestones in every person's modern day life. I bit the bullet and got a credit card. My banker pretty much treated me like one of his daughters (he already has two and I believe I fall in between them, so shout out to my new sisters who don't know I exist, hey!)
Isn't she just a beaut.

He tried to plan out the rest of my life with me. From graduation to getting my first job as a lawyer. He wants to see me once every six months to make sure everything is going well. I feel like I have a new life counsellor or something. But let's cool it down for a minute there, I just want to get through exams before I start thinking about lines of credit, mortgages, stocks and retirement savings...retirement from WHAT exactly?!

Either way, I made a friend today. He was so excited about everything I told him. From law school to day camp to my undergraduate program. It was like he was a proud father that didn't have the pain of raising me, paying for anything or dealing with my teenagery drama. Sorry not "pain" but how about "experience" - sorry dad I know you loveeeee me!

The Internet is going to be A LOT more interesting from now on...if you know what I'm saying. It's pretty ridiculous that having a piece of plastic (in 10 business days of course) makes me feel so much more adult.

And the fact that I'm wearing a blazer today.

Yea, that helps too.

Acevedo's Photography

I can't exactly remember where I found myself in awe of Ibai Acevedo's work, perhaps Pinterest, another blog or even Google but it happened. And I'm so happy it did. I don't know a whole lot or really anything at all about photography but I adore his photos.

He even pairs music with some of his photos. It's actually great. Check this one out. Seriously you should listen to it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Living on a Student's Budget

If you know me at all you will know that I HATE spending money and if I do, I always overthink it. I get angry at myself and feel guilty for a useless purchase. There are times I'll pick something up off the shelf and just walk around the store with it, doing a few laps and then place it back where it came from. As if holding it for those few moments was enough. Like renting it.

This only happens in grocery stores.
But I refuse to buy money on food. Because I already have a student's budget, and I hate spending money I rarely ever go grocery shopping. Seriously, I currently have no (fresh) food in this house and the last time I went grocery shopping with a legitimate list was probably a month ago. I just cannot condone spending over $50 on food every week or every other week if I'm super awesome at buying the right foods. It just hurts my soul to spend that money when I usually am too lazy to make a lunch and buy it at school anyways. You know what I'm saying?

As much as the logic does not make any sense I just hate spending money, money that is quickly leaving my hands from gas, rent, sushi and so on. Oh! There it is. I spend the money allocated for normal grocery expenses on my new sushi expenses.

Makes sense now.

The life of a student (entering exams).

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan from Happy Day

Dear Monday, I have had little sleep and little food due to today being Autism Awareness Day! As much as I'm literally crumbling before my eyes I've loved every minute of this years awareness day event(s), and can't wait to run more and more and more! 

Dear friends, thanks for managing to comment on how wonderful I look today and how exhaustingly tired I look. You do it with grace and I don't feel so bad about my appearance and energy. Thanks guys for pulling me through. 

Dear new camera connector, I am so happy I finally bit the bullet and purchased you! I can actually use my camera and post some pictures now (and they don't look half as bad as I thought they would!). I'll have to get used to dragging my camera everywhere I go now, since I already forgot it today but I can do it! 

Dear Sunday night in a tent, as much as I hated being uncomfortable, cold, lazy and tired I had a fabulous night with my best friend Danica. We chatted and you know whenever we have a good ol' chat that it's going to be an amazing one. Thanks for being the superstar of the 3:00-7:00am graveyard cannon shift with me. We barely spoke as we dismantled the tent but it's only because we know each other so well without even saying a word, right?! 

Dear Future, as much as I hate to admit it things are looking pretty bright! One of my supervisors has offered to give me a great reference letter for law school in the fall which was so amazing to hear. Now this means I have to actually kick my butt into gear and finish this semester with a bang - of the good kind of course. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Alyson

Happiest 21st Birthday to my friend, former roommate and beauty of a person, Alyson! We celebrated in student style while she was out to dinner with some friends and we decorated as much as we could of her sweet house. And by decorate I mean we did not have any tape so we tried as best as we could with provided tacks, lamps, bookshelves and doors. It was a short night but it was full of rubik's cube solving, tattoo appreciation and playing with lovely long hair.

Happy Birthday Aly!