Friday, March 30, 2012

Chaotic Feelings

I woke up far too early for a "day off" work and class. There's something about my brain lately, it's continuously moving, grinding, feeling. I can barely get to sleep and when I slightly open my eyes in the morning, after minutes of fighting awake-ness, all I can do is end the night and start a new day.

It's been easy this week to wake up, actually staring at my clock as the alarm goes off.

So what did I do today?

Well in case you did not already notice, chaos took over my blog. I wanted a change but little did I know I was going to just go ahead and switch my entire blog layout without really thinking it through. I've been admiring those elegantly simple blogs like A Cup of Jo, Freckled Italian and more recently NYC Taught Me for a long time now. I have been dreaming of simple colours and design and although my past template was awfully simple in of itself, it needed to be more toned down. A lot of things still need to be changed so I'm looking forward to being a blog perfectionist just as exam season is upon me.

I am the cat and Maggie is the dog. Obviously.
I spent the rest of the day eating leftovers (pizza AND pad thai), drinking some tea and pretending to get some reading done. Although I HAVE been watching the West Wing consistently since I woke up. I got to have a great chat with one of my roommates Maggie who is a star. We got to share a very honest conversation and it's not everyone that you can do that with.

Busy weekend coming ahead filled with group meetings, finishing assignments and guarding a cannon (this will be explained on Monday).

Thursday, March 29, 2012

University Tip #6

University Tip #6: Get to Know Your City

Before and throughout my degree here at Guelph I have heard more people than I can count on both hands say how much they loved and most of the time missed their college town. From the bars they frequented to that unique coffee shop down the road, people seem to fall in love with these little treasures in their new town. However, a lot of people don't take this opportunity to look around and smell the new smells. Many will spend all their time in residence or on campus but to really feel part of a city and to call it your home for four years you have to branch out.

I spent most of my first year learning the ropes of the on campus hang out spots. But after moving off campus, it became easier to travel and see more of the city. Like any other college town, Guelph residents are generally accepting of the presence of so many students. It creates a unique environment where students make up a large portion of the population and we are welcomed into the community with open arms (more often than not).

The housing market is fabulous - always plenty of room for students and decent homes. It is a university city so just keep that in mind when thinking about the types of houses around this part! However, Guelph is a very unique city, hard to put into words really.

Some of my favourite places thus far include:
The Boathouse Tea Room
Borealis Grille & Bar
Chat Noir
Coco Latte Cafe

 If Guelph was a person she would be down to earth. She would have an amazing taste in music and probably love coffee. She would like to take mid-afternoon strolls by the Speed River and probably has a deep love for volunteering and a charity or two. Or three. She is probably pretty involved in local politics, she keeps informed of current issues and attends events and festivals some weekends.

She's pretty great.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Human Calendar

Last night I could not sleep for the life of me and safety of others. I think technology is just too amazing for me to simply spend a few hours SLEEPING, especially when I have so, so many ideas flowing around up there in my brain.

Very exciting ideas (hopefully). Stay tuned for them!

I have only TWO assignments/projects left in my third year of undergrad. Time has severely flown by and I need to remember my advice to the world in this post so that I stop wishing things away. It's not that I actually count down the days until I am finished exams or until I am finished with my entire degree, it's just that sometimes like any other sane person I look forward to the end of an adventure so as to start a new one. Whether that's studying for a different class, starting my summer job or graduating. I am definitely not wanting days to pass any faster than they are or by any way hating life right now. It's just that itching feeling. That feeling that something new and exciting needs to happen. But for now I am going to rock my exams, dominate my summer and kill my FINAL year of school in the fall.

And speaking of "counting down" take a look at this super neat human calendar.

Have a Great Day! 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan from Happy Day

Dear Monday, I am currently deathly tired. After a late night and a long day in the car (actually not that long I'm a driver extraordinaire) I am just wiped. I am looking forward to the end of my shift at work maybe moseying around campus for a bit and heading home for a nice dinner time nap.

Dear Cold Air, I appreciate having the usual March weather (now that it's the end of March obviously) back but now with all these ridiculous changes I am bound to get a cold for sure! No thank you!

Dear Paper, We both agreed that we didn't try our best for this one but after getting back the marks today I feel pretty happy with your performance. Thanks for stepping up and taking one for the team.

Dear Boy, I actually don't like calling you "boy" since you have a name but I'm going to fly with it. Thanks for putting up with me being a super stressful city driver, walking over to the grocery stores to buy all my favourite foods and making me toast with honey before I left this morning. And thank you for making me watch the best movie I have seen in a long time, Hugo and made me stay awake the entire time.

Dear Readers!, Take a quick peek at Belle Renee for a guest post by yours truly! Rarely do I write such serious things on the Internet so feel free to take a ponder. And excuse the grammatical errors...the piece was not overly edited..

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Sunday

Currently: Listening to Ryan type away on his computer, writing and researching a paper on Napoleon. Lying in bed, which is perfectly placed next to a wide open window with city sunlight streaming in. Carefully thinking and hopefully planning out the upcoming week. Feeling my stomach try to digest the "hangover breakfast" I had this morning. No hangover actually needed. Just the normal diner breakfast but with poutine instead of home fries. Contemplating the future (as always) as I wanted to buy a green coffee press for the apartment me and Ryan currently do not have and won't for who knows how long. Listening to the Kennedy Center Honors.

Wishing: That the weather was a tad bit warmer so I could sit outside on the hill beside Ryan's apartment. That weekends did not have to end and that long distance relationships were less distance. That I had a puppy to take on a walk. That I was crafty. That I cared more about sustainability and the future of the world. That I knew what religion I identified with, or that there was no pressure to identify at all. That going for run didn't make me sweaty or required a tremendous amount of effort. That I focused more on school this semester, did my readings more often and worked harder on some of my papers. That I knew how to apply eyeliner, no, wishing I knew what kind of eyeliner to use. And then learning how to use it.

Wanting: A jacket, out of the at least two handfuls of coats I have I brought none up with me to Ottawa. A hair cut and for someone to tell me to get bangs or not to get bangs. To call my parents, I do that way too infrequently. Day time cuddles. To read a good book without feeling overly guilty. To splurge and get a new pair of glasses, get Sally a check up, buy a nice camera and some new shoes. To donate a ton of my wardrobe to swap day at my school. To slow life down a bit and smell the roses.

That smile.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ottawa Adventures featuring Sushi

I love taking these long road trips up to Ottawa for a very long weekend with Ryan. We both have a bunch of papers to do...whether or not they are getting accomplished remains to be seen. Either way, we've been spending much of the weekend writing, reading, sleeping, cuddling and it's been fabulous. On or about January 1st I made a new year's resolution, well more like a goal:

to have sushi at least once a week for the entire year 

I mean why wouldn't you want to eat this EVERYDAY of the week?! For the past 12 weeks of the year I have held to my word and had sushi at least once a week, mainly take out. I hoping the people that work at the place I usually order from know me as a "regular" by now, can't wait for that day. Anyways, Ryan made me promise that this week I wait until I was in Ottawa to go for my weekly trip. We went today to a place just outside of Ottawa closer to Nepean. Every time I go out for sushi with Ryan, for some reason I want to impress him or something and order something I would normally never eat alone. This time it was zucchini tempura. 6 pieces. The first piece was good....but the rest I just couldn't get down. I spent the rest of our meal strategically watching the servers and cooks and waiting for opportun times to quickly wrap up some of the pieces in a napkin and shove them in my purse. I tried to look as normal as possible but I can only assume how crazy I really looked. After we left the restaurant, we ran to close by dumpster hurled the zucchini and made a run for it for the car. I felt like such a rascal. 

P.S. look at these amazing renditions of sushi: candy sushi, panda sushi, sandwich sushi and cupcake sushi

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I find that when I am about to begin a large assignment, paper or essay for school I need to blog first. It gets my writing juices flowing and words start to come easier. Most (if not all) people might call this procrastination at it's finest but now I feel that's a necessary warm-up to my best writing. You might notice that I usually go through bouts of posting everyday for a period of time. That's when I'm usually writing up something real, real good (hopefully).

For the longest time, I was getting frustrated with having this little, thin borders around every photo I posted. I didn't like that the pictures weren't flowing and were so choppy. After hopelessly and cluelessly reading through my HTML code and trying to decipher where this secret code was for photo borders I gave up and posted my question on 20 Something Bloggers forums. And behold! I got a response faster than I ever imagined, and a most generous response at that. You will ALREADY see that my pictures are beautifully flowy and borderless.

So please give Naomi a round of applause, visit her blog and just love her awesome ways.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Today is the first day of spring but you would never have known that with this summer weather. Seriously, this 26 degree weather is what we had last summer, and although it was a more mild one my redhead skin can only handle so much. Also the sweat, the sweat is the worst. However, I shouldn't be complaining because this vitamin D has got be feeling AMAZING. As much as I complain that I hate the sun and heat, I'm so much happier when it's bright outside.

Google's homepage is so sweet today. 

Makes me want to have fresh flower on our kitchen table 

But these fabric ones are cute too
I want to take advantage of these beautiful with a brand, new camera, I've been talking about this for awhile now

Painted my nails last night - too dark for spring but nonetheless 
Donuts are a spring food right?!
But really, spring unlike any other time makes me want to eat fresh yummy veggies 

Happy vernal equinox. 

University Tip #5

University Tip #5: Finding Balance

If I've learnt anything from the past three years of university life it's that balance between school, work, clubs, council, social life is hard to come by. I've always been involved in my school community but finding a perfect balance between all my interests was a real struggle this year. Sometimes it means leaving things behind and sometimes that means pushing through things I don't have time to do, but it's always worth it in the end.

There have been countless evenings where I explain to Ryan over the phone how I don't know how I can keep going, how I can hold down all of these things and put 110% into each one. It's all about finding that perfect balance each day. Time for friends and family is important. Time to do the things you love, whether that's reading a non-academicly related book or spending hours surfing the Internet. And time to forget about the things that aren't important today like going for that run or getting fresh vegetables at the grocery store. Things can wait and you will get to it.

When I'm in my organizing prime I like to plan out my week on a half an hour basis. Even including time for getting ready in the morning, transportation time, blog time, study time, all of it! It helps me to stay focus and allow myself to keep up with the craziness of my world. But sometimes it's not always easy, I've definitely learnt that this semester. For the first time I missed TWO meetings, two. I just got lost in a sea of homework, reports, council meetings, events, work and just didn't show up to two meetings. I was actually pretty down about this for a few weeks but realized I need to get back into it. And thanks to the most amazing people I am lucky enough to be surrounded with, it was okay to make those mistakes and learn by trial and error.

But if I can say anything to you, do it all. University is the time to do too much, get carried away and try on different hats. Do what drives your passion and always, always try your best. There will times when you are overwhelmed (I certainly am on a most often daily basis) but those are the times that you will look back and think to yourself, "Wow, look at what I accomplished." And THOSE are the skill you will use in a real life setting.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Shoes

With this new, glorious, achingly hot sun comes a change of fashion. A drastic change. I'm pretty sure I was wearing big black boots last week and now I need some type of sandal/flat thing that isn't completely fancy, good for everyday wear. Sneakers or converse are too bulky for me, I need something light and durable. Like REALLY durable, I got new combat boots this fall and they are now ruined, done, completely used.

After quickly browsing around I have come up with the following not too long list of potential choices:
Toms were the shoe of choice last spring so a new different pair are totally an option. Those yellow do dads are definitely not on the top of my list but they're unique so they got included. I'm liking the Sperry's look but would definitely have to get the perfect pair to make them work. I am currently rocking the traditional Burks: 

Tell me what I should do, what's your favourite spring shoe?!

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan from Happy Day 

Dear Monday, I had a glorious, fun and relaxing weekend so it's time to kick this week in the FACE. Together, you and I will get some amount of work accomplished, eat somewhat healthy (who are we kidding, I'm really craving cheese and salsa right now) and maybe even go for a run tonight?!

Dear Big Bright Sun, yes the weather today and lately to be quite honest has been overly spectacular but I am just not ready for this sun and hotness in March. I have no shorts, no "cute" summer shirts/dresses and my disposale at the moment so if you could tone it down for the next few weeks that would be swell.

Dear Hair, let's figure something out shall we? Roots are showing, hair is frizzy and dry, wavy and straight, bangs are too long, TAKE YOUR PICK! Get it together so we can look good this summer, alright? It's no one's fault but your own, obviously.

Dear Glasses, for the past two days I've worn your friend, sunglasses, non stop. So when I put you on this morning I was confused as to why there were this strange device on my face resembling sunglasses that didn't tint my world and make it easier to look at (thanks Big Bright Sun). Sorry that I forgot that you make my world CLEARER, it's taken me hours today to get used to you again.

Dear Make Up, I just want to get you tattooed to MY FACE. This morning I had no time or effort to put on ze mascara so I brought it to school with me instead. Why can't I just wake up every morning with perfect make-up on my face, ready to go, "au natural". What I'm really asking is, could we dye my eyelashes darker or something? Orange/blonde just doesn't cut it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Ideal Convenience

What if we replaced these,

with these, 

We could all run around with our favourite, little T-Disks splurting out fabulous cappuccinos, lattes, coffee and in individual portions. Warm drink heaven. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I've Been Missing

There's this feeling. This feeling that has been absent for quite some time. Might even explain an earlier post on why I've been feeling so down and out of it this semester. Things have been all over the place and I just haven't gotten a hold of them enough to control them and not let them control me.

But tonight I feel reinvigorated. Nothing like a down to earth, amazing man, guest speaker who I also call family to inspire me and kick me back into the swing of things. One of the best role models I have, I am unbelievably lucky and thankful to have him in my life.

I love this feeling.