Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

What a fun day Leap Day is! I hope girls all around the world set out to ask the man of their dreams, "will you marry me?" No, but really Leap Day is sort of a magical day. What are the chances, out of every day in the year, out of every single year, that you would be born on THIS day?! The coolest thing about celebrating your birthday today is your will ALWAYS be younger than most of the people you know. When you have lived on this earth for 84 years you would be celebrating your 21st birthday! TWENTY-ONE!

All joking aside, this day is a very important educational awareness day. Take this girl down here (I apologize in advance for the swearing):

She is so upset she manages to get her voice to crack a few times. For a second there I thought this was her Jersey Shore audition tape. Here is the simple (and easy) way to understand why we have a leap day, courtesy of Wikipedia of course,

"Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat in a whole number of days, a calendar that had the same number of days in each year would, over time, drift with respect to the event it was supposed to track. By occasionally inserting (or intercalating) an additional day or month into the year, the drift can be corrected." 

And now you hopefully learned something new or already were just so intelligent. Good luck out there.


"You rank things. We keep score."

A company based in Sarnia, Ontario has set out a twitter-platform website designed to take all of us tweeter's brilliant, well-thought out tweets and display them in a clean site.

It's actually a pretty neat idea so I can see how random people in the world enjoyed the movie The Help or the freezing rain that is occurring today. Okay, all sarcastic-ness aside once this site or more directly hashtag (#rankable) you can visually see what everyday people like you and me feel about Stephan Harper,  your local newspaper or even my oatmeal.

It's like having a consumer's guide on your finger tips...well maybe one day it will be like that. It also can't be rigged. I love lists, so I feel like I am going to love this. The site keeps track of each username and each subject and only allows one rank a day. So get on it! Rank your life! Tell me what you think about your trip to work, your stupid alarm clock or your neighbour's pet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan from Happy Day

Dear Monday, I was not ready for you today. Not one bit. I only slept 7 hours as opposed to the usual 9-11 hours this past week. 

Dear Sally, I am still so sorry about your bum bump and clearly you are still frustrated with me since you kept hitting curbs like crazy. I guess I'll try driving SUPER cautiously home tonight and see how you feel after that.

Dear uTorrent, thanks for coming into my life! You're super cool and rekindled my love for Sia, Sigur Ros and The Black Keys. 

Dear School, WTF?! Why didn't you let me know sooner that I have two midterms, an essay and a presentation next week. How in earth could you let me be so lazy and calm about life. Kick me in to gear already! Thanks for putting more outlets in the library, you know what I need. 

Dear Big Black Winter Coat, it's time for you to go back into the closet any day now. I'm sick of you and can only handle you for a maximum of 3 months at a time. 


Last night before, while in bed but before hitting my pillow I stumbled across the blog Raptitude. It's absolutely fabulous and makes me want to love life, let alone live it, be happy and notice the small and big things all around me.

I love the way David writes and it's just a thinker of a blog, ya know?! He writes about discovering the human species, why we do what we do and how we can be better and being us! He also conducts experiments on various ideas that make one's life better (for example: no alcohol or drug use for 30 DAYS! or 21 days without complaining).

Either way this is my favourite thing to read right now and I'm sure I will be on this blog all day.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sally's First Accident

Yesterday I was going to blog about how excited I was to take a very (very) short road trip to Toronto with Ryan to drop him off at Union Station for his trek back to Ottawa. But time got carried away, packing took longer than ever expected annnd I didn't get a great sleep the day before so I was a little bit of a grumpy monster.

But here we are today, I'm back in Guelph, clothes are all organized and put away, desk space has been Windexed, a tiny load of laundry is complete and I am ready to get to work, and by work I mean maybe I'll study instead, and by maybe studying I mean watching some West Wing and by watching some West Wing I mean writing a blog post about my first car accident...

Yesterday while backing out of a underground parking garage in Toronto a garbage can unit thing mounted on a scary cement pole hit my car, okay maybe I hit it but no one else saw but me. Either way when I looked back to see all the commotion I just saw this measley brown, plastic garbage container that certainly could do no damage to poor Sally (the name of my car of course). However, when I got into Guelph and got out of the car I saw that Sally's back eye was a little cracked and then that the paint was a little chipped, and then I walked around the corner. HOLY SHIT, excuse my language, I hate swearing on the internet. Her butt has a huge dent in it. I was so in shock I needed to by myself some bubble gum. After that I picked up my roommate Danica, and headed home while telling her of Sally's ordeal.

Then! While pulling into our driveway Sally hit the curb in a more strange way as usual and as I got out of the car she started screaming at me (the panic button went off). She is so pissed. I've decided to leave her totally alone today so we both have some time to cool down and be on our own. I am dreading having to speak to her tomorrow or maybe even tonight but hopefully we can move past it and just think of it as a funny story in the future...maybe?

Friday, February 24, 2012


After finally spending some time to catch up on the blog world before bed last night I realized that it's been awhile since I've been as happy as I should be. As you can tell from here and here life has been a bit unnecessarily stressful and subsequently tiring. I've spent this entire week (reading week or spring break) not doing a single shred of work and therefore building up some very. huge. stress that will surely explode when I get back to school.

After reading A Cup of Jo this week I realized it's not time to be honest with the blogging world (let's be honest this blog is not some type of money maker of popularity or anything) but to be honest with myself. I miss using my blog to tell stories and share moments with my friends, family and anyone who was interested but lately I've been embarrassed and always being careful with my words and what I share, which you may think is a good thing all with being private on the internet and all that jazz. But now I've come to the point where I barely say a word in fear that someone here or there will judge what I do, how I lead my life or simply how I write. Pretty silly for a pretty confident lady.

However, looking back on the past few weeks/months life has been pretty frustrating and down in the dumpsy. This semester it's been hard to get myself together and I thought I was falling apart. I was having trouble getting out of bed, I was literally freaking out over 3 page papers, running late, missing meetings, just being generally sad and not having any of my usual passion and flare. I (obviously) talked to Ryan about how I thought I was depressed or had anxiety, which very well could have been true (and still may be) but it's been getting better. It feels very strange to be writing this for a ton of people I care about to read. I've always admired the people who come across so easily happy, who seem to not have a care in the world or at least knows how to handle it so simply. But I don't think I can be one of those people, although I wish more than the world I could be!

I'm a bit scared for the future. Everything seems to be getting to an end. I will be done my undergraduate degree next year and maybe that seems like a decent amount of time away but not really! Not only do I need to concretely figure out what I want to do and where I want to apply for more school, I have to think about where I want to live, with who, how, what money will there be, etc. Do I really want to write my LSAT this summer, will I have enough time, am I dedicated enough? There's just so many things happening and to think about that I finally feel adultish and I'm not sure how much I like it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I feel there is no better time to write this post than a mere hour after the debate mention in the last post has been completed. It went awful...and I am not currently at my all time low in terms of happiness with life (this semester). ARGHHHH.

Why must I be required to take a first year course months away from embarking on my final year of undergrad?!? Why is acceptable that this mark will be used in all of my applications to WHATEVER I apply to next year?! And how is it fair to be marked on other member's performances (or lack there of)?

In other news, the debate is now complete! And we can all move on with our lives to better (hopefully) things. All I can think about is the beautiful year I will have next year without a SINGLE first year course to my name. Oh those glorious things in life.