Thursday, November 15, 2012

Almost There

This is my "hell" week. That's a slang phrase us, college kids use to describe the worst week to be alive as a student, ever. Whether it's 4 midterms within 5 days, papers, presentations, meetings, quizzes, readings, it all gets piled into that "hell" week. Everyone's is different, for the most part at least. I mean how would the world cope if it all happened in one or two weeks (oh wait...exams?!).

Anyways, I have 4 papers due this week, a 50 minute presentation, meetings, work and all the rest of that stuff we call life. But, it wasn't so bad this go around. I'm sitting pretty with 3 papers completed and rocked the presentation. With only one paper left to start and finish in the next three days, I'm feeling pretty great (we'll have to wait and see about marks but even that thought can't hold me down....too much).

That means that I've completed all my semester work and have 2 weeks until exams start. What am I possibly going to do during this time you ask?! Oh, you know, just figure out my life and start applying to grad schools. No big deal or anything. All kidding aside, it's nice that I'll actually get some downtime to get these things done, talk to references and sort everything out. (AH I HAVE TO PICK UP MY TRANSCRIPTS TODAY TOO). Oh boy.

And with the closing of my "hell" week, with my last paper due on Sunday at midnight, I get to visit my first choice school with my dad (an alumni there) on Monday. How fitting how this is all playing out, don't you say? I don't think I've ever been so positive throughout such a week before. It's a strange feeling, and maybe that strange feeling I've been having all semester is that I'm actually getting it. School is actually sinking in and I can cope and succeed. It only took, you know, about 16 years of education but here I am! Only two more weeks of class, 2 weeks of exams and my LAST semester will start. My last 4 months at  a school that shaped me into who I am today. The last courses I will get to take.

Yesterday I was joking with my friend, Jake that this would be "the last November 14th we spend together, ever!" What a scary thought. These are the last days I'll get to spend with some of the most amazing people I've met. Change is a wonderful, scary, awesome thing.

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  1. Your blog posts always make me think and feel happy and sad at the same time. <3