Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Goals

My goals for this month include: 

~ Regular studying
~ Submitting good applications on time for graduate school
~ Getting to know professors even more 
~ Write in my journal more - being more reflective 
~ Read a little for myself 
~ Budget my money better
~ Wake up early enough each morning to not feel rushed 
~ Always feel prepared 
~ Acknowledge the little things people do and the little things I can do too 
~ More tea, less coffee (lattes obviously don't count) 


  1. Great list of goals. I just started a monthly goals link up if you'd like to join in - http://sarcasticremark.blogspot.com/2012/10/octobeard-goals.html

    1. Great! Thanks for linking up. I hope to you back in November.

  2. Eeeek this is SUCH a great idea! If you dont mind, I might do a similar post! Ill give you credit though lovely girl! :)

    p.s. make sure to renew your ad on my blog! Im doing my sponsor spotlight next week!


    1. No problem :) Go for it! I'm definitely not the inventer of goals ;)
      And got the sponsorship in just in time!