Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Weekend

I'm back home for thanksgiving weekend now. Feeling uber sick and tired and wishing I could lounge around all day when I remember I have a pretty intense midterm this coming Thursday. Well I do remember that but decided to lounge around either way. Rewarding myself for a great midterm this past Thursday/preparing for a weekend of lots of eating and studying. Can't complain too much about that. 

Mom has been back and forth between the kitchen and the grocery store getting ready for our big dinner tomorrow evening. She's feeding me endlessly. Carrot parsnip cakes, french fies, onion rings, sweet potato curry soup. And this is why nothing compares to the Fall. 

Back to reading about reflexes and circular reactions (Piaget style of course) and watching these puppies bake in preparation for tomorrow's festivities. Mom really wanted me to take a picture of her annual pumpkin cake too but it looks better on a plate so that will have to wait for another time! 

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