Monday, September 24, 2012

Those Life Moments

Ryan came down to Guelph this past weekend. A perfect weekend.

Saturday night we just stayed in, I had a lot of reading to do he had a lot of sports watching to do. Actually we watched a lot of the new show, Newsroom. Perhaps 5 or so episodes. But I won't confess to how many. Okay, it was five.

The night was full of little giggles, full body hysterics, reminiscing, planning, pondering. Sipping on cappuccinos. Eating Kraft Dinner out of the pot because we're poor university students and now is the time to embrace it. Drawing pictures, or doodles.

You always watch those love stories, hear about them. The ones where the music always fits the moment perfectly or everything just seems to fall into place at the exact perfect time? Life will never be a perfect movie or story, but mine's certainly perfect to me. And amazing.

Sunday morning we are struggling to get out of bed. Ryan needs to shower so obviously I throw the covers over my head and try to get those last few minutes of rest I can before my last day of the weekend starts. Ryan comes back into the room and lets me know, as he always politely does, that "lights are now coming on!" and that I either need to man up and pull myself together or tightly shut my eyes in fear of being blinded.

The taxi honked at us within minutes of our call. We rushed out the door, hoping not to wake anyone else up. Our driver was a bit strange. I think all parties felt a bit uncomfortable so he turned on the radio. All I remember are the lyrics, "I fell in love again last night" playing as we drove through the streets of Guelph towards the train station. How perfect, is all I could think to myself.

We have this little tradition. As our train pulls away from the station we text each other "I see you!" and write a nice goodbye. As Ryan boarded the train, I strolled to my bus stop which is conveniently located right outside of the train platform. As I was sitting on my bus back home, Ryan on the train back to his place, I sent the text. And as we said goodbye, we both left in our various transportation methods at the same time, in opposite directions.

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