Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pub Night

We spent our first night of our fourth year at a brand new local pub in Guelph. It's about a 15 minute or so walk from our house which was perfect on a summer/fall night like lasts. It was a perfect time. We got to pour our own beer, try all 8 different kinds and had the upstairs to ourselves. We made up our own games to play, which always turn out to be the best anyways. We reminisced and caught up. We had that girl talk we were missing and that shrill laughter that could not be contained any longer. I cannot believe this is my last year already, my last September to spend with these wonderful girls, my last time. But it's going to be the best one yet and we are going to make the best of each and every moment. 


  1. That's one awesome bar! I need one of those here. I remember my last year of my undergrad well. What an epic year it was. I spent most of my time at the campus pub. Oh to be back in uni!

    Kayla @ theruralknitter.com

    1. It's a pretty great place! I hope we go back sometime this semester. Gotta make the most of this last year.

  2. That was an awesome night! we definitely need to go back there soon!