Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Post Secret

If you haven't already heard about the Post Secret movement, then you should! If you want to know the story on how it all started and what it's really about (like I did when I started writing this post) you can find it here. People mail in their secrets on post cards and every Sunday, new secrets are posted for the world to see.

Some of them are so beautiful.

Some are hilarious. 

And others are quite sad, actually. 

But in the Winter of 2011 as part of an English class here at the University of Guelph our own Post Secret movement began. It's a great idea, especially in those college years when there's so much happening, so many changes, experiences. One of my works of art is actually on their site too, but I obviously can't say which one! Have fun trying to decipher which one it could possibly be. 

All images used in this post are from the original Post Secret website found here


  1. I want to knooooooooow which one it is. There are lots that it could be :(

  2. Also it's cool that we have this, I had no idea

    1. I shall tell you soon which one it is ;)

  3. DEE, this is so great, thanks for showing it! I love postsecret <3 the postsecret guelph is so cool! (and sad)

  4. I used to work at a bookstore and when it was slow, my coworkers and I would take out one of these books and read the post cards to each other. I love them. Thanks for sharing more!

  5. I love, love, love Post Secret! Sometimes they make me laugh, thinking "I know what you mean!" and other times they can be heartbreaking. But still something I look forward to every Sunday. Have you seen any of the book collections?