Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life Lately

1. I like to live life on the edge and feel that risky-ness of driving my car until it's completely out of gas. 
2. Ryan and I enjoying a quiet Sunday drinking wine and relaxing.
3. Getting end-of-camp gifts ready for staff.
4. My fortune cookie is so smart. 
5. Playing a viking yard game with some of the bestest buds. 
6. Sally's home for the next few months. Long story but she won't be coming to school with me this year. 
7. My first list as part of the 30 Days of Lists happening this September
8. Spent the day with my Dad and topped it off with a great dinner date. 


  1. I didn't do today's list for 30 DOL. I don't really like the prompt, but I suppose I'll do it tomorrow. I haven't even made/chosen a place to keep my lists either. I'm so behind. lol

    1. You're doing it too?! Awesome! I didn't like the prompt either but I wanted to do it just so I stay on track...I just signed up for it yesterday so I didn't have a spot for the lists either. I'm just using the planner I already purchases for school this fall. Can't wait to see your lists!