Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodbye, Facebook

There's has been a number of times I talk of how much I dislike Facebook compared to other social networking sites. It's just TOO personal, too in your face. And yes I write a blog about my life, but I get to pick what gets posted, what comments need to be deleted (if any) and from what I am aware of there's no chance of all my person information being leaked because I'm choosing what content I post.

Facebook, to me at least, has been getting scarier now that's it keeps making it easier and easier to access any information you want on someone. They want you to post all of your milestones and memories for every one of your 600+ friends to see. Is this some type of life competition? I was using it more to connect with people, organize meetings, stuff like that. But I can honestly say that I'm just too scared to use it anymore and it just takes so much effort to ensure that information I don't want the world to see is not showing up on my timeline, let alone another person's.

So goodbye, Facebook and hopefully we don't get back together as much as I may miss you in the first few months of the break-up.

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