Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of Class

Today I embarked on my last first day of undergraduate class. Scary to think, right? I had a few meetings in the morning and it was scary introducing myself as a fourth year and how much people like to think you have your life sorted out as soon as you enter your last year. I mean I'd say I'm a pretty figured-out type of person, but this whole last year business is freaking me out. All that last year stuff aside - as most of you know I take school pretty seriously, as in I love it more than anything. I've grown up with that mentality of always putting your best foot forward thanks to my Mom. So every year from preschool to this morning, I always wake up extra early and put together a perfect back to school outfit. In first year we joked that this was my first day of school outfit, however I just forgot to take a picture of the actual one. In third year, it must have been a bit chillier because I wore pants and a jean jacket. Today I opted for a dress because there won't be much time left to justify wearing one without tights. 

I actually wore this exact outfit on a date with my friend, Colleen this summer and loved it so much that it was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of back to school. Today I am off to three different classes: cognitive development, social and personality development and learning disabilities. 

I spent last night laughing, chatting, discussing all important life topics and gossip with the roommates and getting my planner ready for the school year. I hope that you can tell that I am SUPER excited about it and just want to write in it whenever I can. I was a bit nervous about fitting everything I needed to get done or remember in those smallish boxes on each day but I was saved by post-it notes! I just happened to have the perfect size post-it notes in my desk ready to go. It was just meant to be. 

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