Monday, August 20, 2012

The Back to School 'Must Have' List

1. The perfect planner
My Erin Condren planner is expected to land in my mailbox TOMORROW! That little baby deserves a post all on it's own when it arrives. 
2. Some new fall clothes
New sweaters especially. Just purchased some vibrant red and purple sweaters from Old Navy. Perfect for fall and perfect for school life. 
3. New pens and pencils
4. All calendars, notes and documents organized and synced
I love using my Macbook and iPad to take notes in class. I use the program/app Evernote to organize all of my notes and sync them across platforms. 
5. A new tote for everything under the sun
Still exploring. 
6. Update those tunes
I find that my musical tastes flow from season to season, from moment to moment. Summer tunes and fall tunes are just so different. Gotta bring back some William Fitzsimmons and Glen Hansard
7. Write down some goals
Academic goals. Fitness goals. Health goals. Personal goals.
8. Train tickets to get to the ones you love
There is a sale with VIA rail at the moment for all students to get across Ontario to the ones they love. Must purchase this package once enough money is available in the ol' bank account.
9. Boots
Always need some new fall shoes. The summer shoes have all been worn out and they're just not appropriate for the fall weather anyways. 
10. Rest up
The week leading up to the first day of class will be spent predominately in pajamas with blankets always at hand. 

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