Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Probably Pinterest

So there's been this new fad going around of trying out all those things on Pinterest that you find, pin and then never really actually revisit. Like whipping up that amazing berry sorbet or making those chalkboard wine glasses or filling up that mop bucket without having a flood of water on the floor. In lieu of this lazy pinning, I'll be trying to complete or try one new pin each week for as long as I can go!

The Ketchup Bottle Pancakes 


At camp, we make a hot lunch for the kids each week. Some hot lunches include pasta, grilled cheese, subs, pizza and of course a pancake lunch. I've been the star of hot lunch for the past 5 years and pancakes have always been the worst. We usually have to make HUNDREDS of these god forsaken, tiny, dough circles for kids to eat and we always end up with, let's say 27, pancakes that just didn't turn out well enough. They always different sizes, kids complain, hard to flip them, it's just a big mess. So from some random Pinterest advice someone actually posted to Facebook, I found the solution. A KETCHUP BOTTLE.

The morning of our pancake lunch, I washed out a ketchup bottle (a ton) and soaked it for a few minutes. We were a bit hesitant because it obviously still smelt a lot like ketchup and we hoped the pancakes would turn out not ketchupy tasting. So we went for it. Made the batter, used a funnel to pour it into the bottle and we got at it. EASY PEASY! We whipped out around 100 pancakes, all very similar in shape, very little mess and beautifully done if I do say so myself. I would definitely consider saving up those ketchup bottles for breakfasts in the future.

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