Monday, August 27, 2012

My Favourite Apps

I use the app Evernote to take notes on everything. Every class, meetings, to do lists. I have the app on all of my platforms, Macbook, iPad and iPhone. It's perfect because everything syncs automatically so when I'm typing in a class on my laptop and all of a sudden I need to draw a figure or chart I can whip out my iPad and draw right on the note. Then, on the bus back home I can review notes on my phone. Brilliant. 

CIBC Mobile Banking
Pretty self-explanatory. I have never been so efficient with my money as I have now with my iPhone. I can literally check my account before each and every purchase just to be safe. I can transfer money between accounts and pay bills if I need to, all on my phone! 

Jetpack Joyride 
This is my all-time favourite game app for both iPad and iPhone. My brother, Ben introduced it to me this past Christmas when I first purchased the iPad. It's pretty addicting and I never get tired of it, even after 8 months now. There's little goals to complete, things to buy (not real money, thank goodness) and fun to be had. 

TED Talks
Sometimes when I'm in bed at night and I'm too awake to listen to music but too tired to watch a full TV episode I'll pull up a short TED talk to check out. They're perfect and make me feel intelligent. They always have very interesting topics as most of you I'm sure know. A great little bedtime story for me. 

Tunein Radio
I just bought this app a few days ago. I felt like taking a risk because I rarely buy apps, especially ones I haven't really heard of. I love this app because even after how great 8tracks is, there is always those few songs in a playlist that just ruin it for me. But with radio, the expectation of a perfect playlist is way lower, and you just take what you can get and have a happy surprise when those tunes get rolling. With this app, you have access to radio stations across the world, across every genre. It's easy to browse and pick. The reception is sometimes terrible but I can live with it. 

I could be a lot more addicted to Instagram than I currently am but I think it takes some getting used to. I am not really one to document many moments of my life with pictures but I would love to start doing so. I just find it awkward when I'm having a nice dinner with a friend and I want to whip out my phone to start taking pictures of my amazing salad. 

I love it, but I forget about it often. When I do remember to open 'er up and take a gander at all of my social sites in one place it's incredibly easy and elegant. It's the only app I use to view my google reader on and check out daily news too. All in one place. 

Give me some more to check out! What are your favourites?

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