Sunday, August 26, 2012


Here I am, in a place that I thought I might not arrive in a number years. A place that I actually feel quite comfortable. A place where I haven't thought so much, so seriously in a long time. I was exhausted last night after pouring over websites, opinions, books. But here I am, awake out of pure excitement.

Researching you might say.

Or feeling my way through.

It would have to be a combination of many things. But what I am realizing is that I miss having faith in my life and I want it back. Now it's time to decide how. Where. When. What. Why. And it feels absolutely amazing to have a say in what I believe, where I choose to worship, what I choose to believe.

You see, I was raised in a Catholic home. We went to mass pretty much each Sunday, I went to Catholic schools all of my child life and occasionally went to youth groups. However, as I started getting older and things in my life started to change drastically I did not quite understand how religion fit in my life anymore. Something was missing but I felt going to mass and living my everyday life was not in sync and did not fit with who I was anymore. Not that I had become a bad person. Not that I had made bad choices. I was creating who I am.

My friend, Colleen invited me on a little date you could say this past Friday. We ate amazing salads (really should have taken a picture) and heading to her church's service in our city park downtown. It was quite eye-opening and I realized how much I missed being apart of something. FOMO you might say (fear of missing out). Now, as I am ready to conquer the task I feel that there is too big a void in my life. That something is missing. Whether it is my faith or that community of people that come to gather to support one another or both, I'm ready to see where I fit in.


  1. I feel ya on that one Deanna! I've been thinking a lot about that too lately. The community aspect is definitely something I really want too. Good luck! I hope I find my place soon too :)

    1. My friend Zoe! So glad to see you have read this post! I had a feeling you would get it. Definitely up for a chat. Please don't be gone in Guatemala forever :(