Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Loving little date nights with friends. Our friends Eric and Emily had dinner with Ryan and I this weekend and it was pretty fun. We walked up and down Richmond Row in London, having dinner at a gourmet pizza place, grabbing frozen yogurt for dessert and getting a few drinks at our usual hang out spot. I can't wait for more of those as time goes on. Even if it wasn't that grand of a night, little get togethers and getaways are wonderful.

Reading Odd Girl Out, a book on bullying between girls and The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible. I'm just realizing now that I'm not really reading any "fun" books! Weird. But the book on bullying is actually super interesting and reads as a great book, not a textbook.

Watching the television show Parenthood. Now that all the Olympic festivities are complete, there's nothing left to really watch on the actual TV so I resort to shows I haven't watched or need to catch up on. I started watching this show a few months ago, in the early summer and loved it. I love peeking into the lives on families - and actual plausible family stories.

Thinking about coming up with a better (shorter) name for the blog. Sometimes it just feels too long and I wish I had a better "brand" name than a 5 word phrase. Ideas?! Hand them over.

Anticipating Fall and the start of another school year. I am so anxiously waiting for classes to start again, to be back in Guelph and to get my organization on. There are so many opportunities both inside the classroom and outside this year that I am pretty excited for. It's also my last year at Guelph, so it's definitely going to be a whirlwind. And a connected sub-note, I can't wait to get my brand new planner in my hands (guesstimate of 1.5 weeks to go).

Wishing I took my iron pills more regularly so I had a better level of energy everyday. I feel so drained each day and come home just wanting to lie down. I barely even eat when I get home and I wish I had more time for friends and family.

Making me happy when I wake up to pouring rain outside. I love the smell and the sound and we've desperately needed rain this summer. It's so relaxing to start a day off like that.

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