Sunday, July 15, 2012

So I Failed

I knew that Sar's 15 Day Challenge would be just that, a challenge. But I definitely was excited and up for completing it. But I also knew I was kidding myself. With camp just getting into the swing of things and sleep quickly evading my life as I know it, posting has been on the back of my mind. But of course, I've missed it.

I have been spending my days working far too long at camp, spending far too much time at home working on camp things and thinking far too much about camp stress. It's definitely the most stressful job but in that moment, in that midst of smiles, laughs, tears, frustration...I love every second of it. It's the before and after that I get wrapped up in that stress. And it's hard when I'm one of those people who absolutely love school and cannot wait another second to get back into classes (7 more weeks).

But I am trying to learn as always what I love and what I don't love. And I'm realizing lately that I love working with children with disabilities and I miss it so much. For three years I worked one on one with children with varying exceptionalities but the past two years I have run a day camp, where I definitely do not have as much time to be spending one on one time with those kids.

I really want to ramp up the general moral at camp, but that definitely starts with me so that is my goal for this week. To be a role model for my staff and have the best attitude both at and outside of work.

So in lieu of being absent the past few (many) days, have a peek at some pictures of moments this past week.

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