Sunday, July 1, 2012

My 21st Birthday Part II

After my friends headed home after a great morning of deep conversations and hilarious memories, I headed to get my haircut for the first time in almost a year. Terrible, I know but it's just so expensive and not going was like "growing my hair so long" therapy. I just like to think to myself that the longer I hold out on haircuts the longer my hair will actually be - which is completely false since my hair is just way less healthier and looks bad all together. I went early to my appointment hoping they could get me started earlier too. Not so much, sitting there my phone decided to keel over and completely die on me. I knew it wasn't good, no ordinary phone death. Either way I spent three hours of my day in this salon getting highlights, lowlights, a trim and $160 bucks later I had new hair that I had not idea what to do with. I've coloured my hair a fair amount but I've never really enjoyed highlights. But my mom wanted them and I wanted a change so two birds with one stone. I felt like a ginger skunk for the next two days but eventually it grew on me and I'm starting to embrace it all (all $160 of it).

After the haircut of the millenium, I wanted to head to the mall to see what was up with my phone. I felt bad that people were texting and calling me for my birthday and my phone was completely in service. They people are the store officially pronounced my phone dead and that I would need to get a new one, they would not give me a loaner or help with getting a new phone at all. Apparently my phone had SERIOUS water damage and nothing could be done. (I swear on whatever to swear on that I have never dropped my phone in a puddle or threw water on it or whatever). So that was a little damper on the day, (or plus that $160 ginger skunk haircut). I got home and Ryan was on the couch waiting for me all day with flowers in hand.

My parents were heading out for the night themselves so I quickly opened some gifts, got ready for dinner out with Ryan and heading downtown for the second night in a row. We went to a pretty fancy smancy place in London called the Black Trumpet. The food was amazing and we may or may not have been the most dressed up couple there but I'm good with that. We split calamari as a started, a bit of a tradition we have going and it was like nothing we've ever had at any other restaurant. It wasn't breaded but it tasted spectacular. For dinner I had a bowtie pasta with beef tenderloin, oh my goodness, one of the best things I've ever had. I also had wine, which always makes me feel so cool and mature. After that we strolled around downtown for a bit and headed home early, we're old souls and were tuckered out from all the running around the past two days.

And again, I am just so grateful for so many amazing people to be a part of my life and to go out of their way to celebrate my birthday with me. I thought I would get less emotional as I got older, I think the opposite could be happening and I'm okay with that!

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