Monday, July 2, 2012


As part of Sar's 15 Day Challenge, I must write a few 6-word memoirs. The story behind it is pretty neat so I'll paste it from her blog.

 Six word memoirs are exactly how it sounds: your life in six words. The history behind it is that Ernest Hemingway was asked to write a complete short story in as few words as possible. His response was, 'For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.' This then errupted into a way to tell sad, sweet, honest tales.

Red hair, fair skin. No sun. 

Family here and there, always together. 

Strong love. Frustrated love. Always love. 

Prone to allergies. Always sneezing. 

Clothes I've never worn. Stories untold. 

Life of Love


  1. I love yours!!! :)

    RYN: yes, cake and bread are ballin' i would eat them every moment of the day if i could...but that isn't too healthy! :)

  2. These are totally unique, I love them! Especially your red hair, no sun one!

  3. Love yours! Is that a photo of you as well? Adorable!

  4. Thanks everyone! Shauna, that picture definitely isn't me, I wish. I'm pretty sure her name is Cintia Dicker.

  5. These are different from a lot of the ones I've seen today, and I really really like them!

  6. I love your last one! I never thought of it that way.

  7. Aww yours a sweet and funny. I really like your memoirs and they really are unique. I think everyone doing this challenge picks words that they really connect with and they are obviously going to be unique, but yours are really reflective of you and they are you've filled them with personality.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  8. Love all of them, especially the first three!

  9. I am using your explanation of the memoirs on my blog

    I love your memoirs.