Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making New Friends

Isn't that feeling awesome. When you connect with someone and you leave feeling so uplifted. To meet a like-minded person. Someone you could see yourself spending countless hours with just discussing whatever comes to mind next.

I wouldn't say that making friends is hard for me, it's making meaningful connections and keeping them that I think I struggle with sometimes. I like to talk and laugh so meeting new people is sometimes more easy than it is difficult for me. But I have a very short supply of close friends. I tend to keep to myself a lot and not keep in touch with those I love. I proceed to get frustrated that I don't talk with many people, and realize it all goes back to me and my lack of communication.

Tonight after a long, stressful but rewarding day of work, we headed to a restaurant to have a meeting over dinner. I love the people I work with, we have such an amazing team. But it's great when I get to talk with those that I don't see on a more regular basis. I had a great night chatting and just pouring conversations over the future, love stories, engagement plans, potential wedding ideas. It's just so refreshing to get to know someone on a much more personal level rather than the superficial things you tend to hear most often.

Tonight, however, I believe I made a friend. I friend I want to build that connection with. To foster and communicate and grow a relationship. I think it's time that I step up to the plate, and take some responsibility for myself and my actions and my happiness. Here's to making new friends, new friends that last!

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