Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day Six, Seven and Eight.

So I missed a few days of Sar's Challenge there...I got stuck on the prompt for Day Six and have been out and about for Day Seven and here we are at Day Eight. And since today has been officially deemed as my "relaxing/do nothing day" I actually have time to do something. My plan is to stay in bed until I absolutely get so hungry that I need to venture to the fridge downstairs and in the afternoon I'm heading to a friends house to hang out by his pool. Trying out the SPF 75 all day and sporting the wide brim sun hat.

Day Six. 

What is something you have always wanted to do but haven't? Why not? 

There are more than just one thing that I wish I've done so here comes a list.

[1] Run a road race.
I've always wanted to run a race, I kind of, sort of wanted to run a 5km race this summer but who knows if that will still happen. I hate running outside, I always run on my treadmill, so it's way easier than dealing with the elements outside. I always don't run enough so that's secretly another thing I wish I was doing.

[2] Travel more.
I wish I didn't spend all my money so quickly. I go out with friends WAY too often, well going out isn't the problem as much as spending money when we go out. Dinner? Movie? Drinks? It's always something. It'd be great if I'd saved all that money and gone on a few trips in the past few years. University seems to be the time when people are always heading off somewhere. Me? I went to Boston last summer for three days for my cousin's wedding. Europe, Australia, Asia...anywhere!

[3] Become fluent in another language.
This is probably the most difficult out of the three (I can't believe I am saying that about running). I took a full year of Italian in my first year of school but could not continue because it didn't exactly fit in my schedule and it took up a lot of time. It was one of my best courses and I should have kept up with it, especially because it's something I love. I'm always looking for Italian courses to take but can rarely find any. It's usually always French or Spanish that are offered. It's also difficult because I have a good base in Italian so finding a class that is not "beginners" can get difficult too.

Day Seven. 

Recommend a book. Why is it important/special?

There is this one book that is constantly in my head as the best book I've ever read. Now I'm not sure that's the entire truth because I've read some amazing books and how many books can POSSIBLY be better than seven Harry Potter books? But this one book has somehow put a serious impression on me and I can't get it out of my head.

Delicious by Nicky Pellegrino. I should have definitely read this book again before I recommended it to the world but it really made an impression on me. Probably because I love everything that has to do with Italian culture (see above on learning a new language). 

"Maria Carozza should be happy living in the lovely Italian village of San Giulio. Ensconced in her mother’s kitchen, she bakes bread every morning, the way the Carozza women always have. But at sixteen, Maria is eager for adventure, so she escapes to Rome, where she has a passionate love affair. One year later, she returns to San Giulio in disgrace—eight months pregnant, with the identity of the baby’s father a mystery. Hastily, shamefully, she is married off to a neighbor’s son. Maria soon escapes again, this time to England, where she searches once more for a new life for herself and her daughter, Chiara. An irresistible saga of three very different generations of Italian women and the old kitchen in Campania that binds them."

Day Eight. 

Describe the good, the bad and the ugly about yourself. 

[The Good]
I am super motivated. I like to have things planned out to a tee and to be involved in all aspects of my life. I like to try new things and meet new people. I never needed someone to tell me to get my homework done or do new things. In grade one I asked my parents if I could have a tutor because we weren't learning how to read fast enough in school for my liking. 

[The Bad]
I am super stubborn. If you ever get into an argument with me prepare for it to be a long and heated discussion. Even if it's on a topic I'm not necessarily interested in, I'll debate it, I'll take you on. But also, once I know I've lost or done something wrong it takes me for forever to apologize because I always want to do it on my own terms. Gross, I know. It's something I'm really trying to work on lately but sometimes it's kind of funny too. As long as I can laugh at myself. 

[The Ugly]
I am very, very emotional. And although sometimes I think of it as a good thing, that I'm not a stone wall, that I am CONSTANTLY feeling some type of emotion. But more often than not it leads into an episode of hot, steamy tears. Happy tears, sad tears, angry tears, frustrating tears. Almost every emotion in my body eventually leads to tears. I'm not sure if this has always been the case or if it's a new development and I'm just learning to accept it now but I'm probably going to take an educated guess and say the latter. 

Life of Love


  1. I just added that book to my list. Emotional is challenging. I understand what you're saying. I cry all the time - sad, anger, joy. And I'm such an ugly crier!

  2. Please give me some of that motivation. PLEASE!!!! ;)

  3. I'm super emotional too, so I feel your pain on that one!!! Great answers, lady!!


  4. I'm super motivated too! That's too cute that you asked for a tutor. I used to have to take on additional reading/writing exercises above my grade level because I never felt challeneged enough.

  5. Okay as far as the tears I feel you there. I really hate that side of me.

  6. Ah, stubbornness. Totally forgot about that one; I'm similarly stubborn!

    You could easily run a 5K! Have you heard of the Couch to 5K program? Easy peasy! Make it happen!

  7. i'm very, VERY emotional too...i sometimes love it, but mostly i really, really hate it.
    Also, i will take some of that motivation please!

  8. I am totally stubborn too. And super emotional- we're so similar! :)