Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Old Blog

As always (well for the past 2 years now) June is just a ridiculous busy month for me, let alone the rest of the summer. I run a day camp in my hometown and in midst of all the planning, stressing, day-to-day grind I haven't had much time to write here. Well that's half of the truth. The other half is that by the end of April/into May I was feeling a dry patch in my blogging. One, that I didn't know what to say and felt I didn't even have much to say and two, I started worrying more about people reading my blog. It finally felt that my blog was getting out there, people were reading it and even mentioning it to me here and there. It was one day at work in April when a friend mentioned she had found my blog through Facebook and thought it was cool. I became super observant of every little word that I wrote after that. Choosing what to include in my posts, what kind of humour I should use, pictures, everything. So I took a break. Thought I might be done with blogging, to be quite honest. But two days ago my dad texted me and asked when I would finally be writing a new post. And I just thought to myself, I love this little thing and if there's anything I should be learning as I am getting older it should be to be myself and not worry about everyone else's perceptions, judgements or assumptions of me.

So in lieu of this "fresh" beginning, here are a few updates:

  • Work has been a BLAST so far and I'm so grateful to be working with such great people
  • I never wrote the LSAT 
  • I celebrated my 21st birthday 
  • My beautiful friends from Guelph surprised the heck out of me and showed up at my door for a birthday party and it was just the best
  • I went out to dinner at a SUPER fancy restaurant with Ryan 
  • My phone completely broke 
  • I got a new iPhone (I'm obsessed with it) 
  • I got broke 
  • I paid very little attention to my fitness (sadness) 
  • I got highlights in my hair for the first time since about grade 9. I am still getting used to them. 
One of the coolest iPhone cases?! 


  1. I get how you were feeling, I've been there myself. I did find it weird to begin with when people I know spoke to me about my blog but then I realised it was kind of cool. You have to carry on because your blog is great!

  2. Glad you're blogging again. And now that I'm in the twitter-verse again I will see the updates! :D

  3. Just realized the person who commented ahead of me is also called Dan, this 4th (and 3rd) comment is Danica...