Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where I've Been

Sorry Ms. Blog, haven't been around at all lately thanks to my constant studying for the LSAT. It's going well...slow but well. I literally spend each day either studying, thinking about studying, getting upset because I'm not studying and I should's sad times. Today was a bit of a under the weather type of day so I thought I'd dust of the blog and get a post in before bed. The weather has been spectacular the past few days which makes studying even more difficult. I just want to have a cold drink outside and wear something other than pajamas and sweat pants. After intending on spending May in Guelph, I decided to stay at home. I spent a few nights in the house just Ryan and I and I was far too scared and anxious even with the two of us there. I just can't survive without my roommates! So I have slowly been moving more and more stuff back home for the summer, mainly clothes and food. Remember this post? Yea, some of that food must be coming back. Other than studying, getting used to life back in London, I've been trying to work out some more. It was good until I seemed to have worked out too much in two days and KILLED my hips. I can barely lift my legs to put pants on and when driving I have to lift my right leg with my hands each time I switch from gas to the brake. But pain is good right? I hope to get some very productive work in tomorrow so I can spend some time with friends Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning. But after this weekend bender, I don't have many plans (and shouldn't have any plans!) so this makes up for that....

I wish...

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