Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Living on a Student's Budget

If you know me at all you will know that I HATE spending money and if I do, I always overthink it. I get angry at myself and feel guilty for a useless purchase. There are times I'll pick something up off the shelf and just walk around the store with it, doing a few laps and then place it back where it came from. As if holding it for those few moments was enough. Like renting it.

This only happens in grocery stores.
But I refuse to buy money on food. Because I already have a student's budget, and I hate spending money I rarely ever go grocery shopping. Seriously, I currently have no (fresh) food in this house and the last time I went grocery shopping with a legitimate list was probably a month ago. I just cannot condone spending over $50 on food every week or every other week if I'm super awesome at buying the right foods. It just hurts my soul to spend that money when I usually am too lazy to make a lunch and buy it at school anyways. You know what I'm saying?

As much as the logic does not make any sense I just hate spending money, money that is quickly leaving my hands from gas, rent, sushi and so on. Oh! There it is. I spend the money allocated for normal grocery expenses on my new sushi expenses.

Makes sense now.

The life of a student (entering exams).


  1. I totally walk around the store with random objects too... and then right before I get to the cash I harshly debate if I really want the object! But I always seem to have spent all my money, it just disappears.