Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan from Happy Day

Dear Monday, I have had little sleep and little food due to today being Autism Awareness Day! As much as I'm literally crumbling before my eyes I've loved every minute of this years awareness day event(s), and can't wait to run more and more and more! 

Dear friends, thanks for managing to comment on how wonderful I look today and how exhaustingly tired I look. You do it with grace and I don't feel so bad about my appearance and energy. Thanks guys for pulling me through. 

Dear new camera connector, I am so happy I finally bit the bullet and purchased you! I can actually use my camera and post some pictures now (and they don't look half as bad as I thought they would!). I'll have to get used to dragging my camera everywhere I go now, since I already forgot it today but I can do it! 

Dear Sunday night in a tent, as much as I hated being uncomfortable, cold, lazy and tired I had a fabulous night with my best friend Danica. We chatted and you know whenever we have a good ol' chat that it's going to be an amazing one. Thanks for being the superstar of the 3:00-7:00am graveyard cannon shift with me. We barely spoke as we dismantled the tent but it's only because we know each other so well without even saying a word, right?! 

Dear Future, as much as I hate to admit it things are looking pretty bright! One of my supervisors has offered to give me a great reference letter for law school in the fall which was so amazing to hear. Now this means I have to actually kick my butt into gear and finish this semester with a bang - of the good kind of course. 


  1. It's all downhill in the semester now! Homestretch; you can do it!

    <3 Kudos to supporting ASD awareness! Love your passion.

  2. Aw, that sounds like an awesome monday, Dee! I love how much passion you have ♡

  3. Thank you so much both Sar and Naomi. You are both great yourselves!

  4. Hi Dee, I just discovered your blog on 20SB and I really like. You'll certainly be seeing a lot more of me around here!

  5. nice list! cool event for autisim awareness!

    cute blog :)