Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Credit, Baby

Another one of those milestones in every person's modern day life. I bit the bullet and got a credit card. My banker pretty much treated me like one of his daughters (he already has two and I believe I fall in between them, so shout out to my new sisters who don't know I exist, hey!)
Isn't she just a beaut.

He tried to plan out the rest of my life with me. From graduation to getting my first job as a lawyer. He wants to see me once every six months to make sure everything is going well. I feel like I have a new life counsellor or something. But let's cool it down for a minute there, I just want to get through exams before I start thinking about lines of credit, mortgages, stocks and retirement savings...retirement from WHAT exactly?!

Either way, I made a friend today. He was so excited about everything I told him. From law school to day camp to my undergraduate program. It was like he was a proud father that didn't have the pain of raising me, paying for anything or dealing with my teenagery drama. Sorry not "pain" but how about "experience" - sorry dad I know you loveeeee me!

The Internet is going to be A LOT more interesting from now on...if you know what I'm saying. It's pretty ridiculous that having a piece of plastic (in 10 business days of course) makes me feel so much more adult.

And the fact that I'm wearing a blazer today.

Yea, that helps too.


  1. You are now doomed.. Well you could be, just make sure you don't overspend on it!