Thursday, March 29, 2012

University Tip #6

University Tip #6: Get to Know Your City

Before and throughout my degree here at Guelph I have heard more people than I can count on both hands say how much they loved and most of the time missed their college town. From the bars they frequented to that unique coffee shop down the road, people seem to fall in love with these little treasures in their new town. However, a lot of people don't take this opportunity to look around and smell the new smells. Many will spend all their time in residence or on campus but to really feel part of a city and to call it your home for four years you have to branch out.

I spent most of my first year learning the ropes of the on campus hang out spots. But after moving off campus, it became easier to travel and see more of the city. Like any other college town, Guelph residents are generally accepting of the presence of so many students. It creates a unique environment where students make up a large portion of the population and we are welcomed into the community with open arms (more often than not).

The housing market is fabulous - always plenty of room for students and decent homes. It is a university city so just keep that in mind when thinking about the types of houses around this part! However, Guelph is a very unique city, hard to put into words really.

Some of my favourite places thus far include:
The Boathouse Tea Room
Borealis Grille & Bar
Chat Noir
Coco Latte Cafe

 If Guelph was a person she would be down to earth. She would have an amazing taste in music and probably love coffee. She would like to take mid-afternoon strolls by the Speed River and probably has a deep love for volunteering and a charity or two. Or three. She is probably pretty involved in local politics, she keeps informed of current issues and attends events and festivals some weekends.

She's pretty great.

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