Tuesday, March 20, 2012

University Tip #5

University Tip #5: Finding Balance

If I've learnt anything from the past three years of university life it's that balance between school, work, clubs, council, social life is hard to come by. I've always been involved in my school community but finding a perfect balance between all my interests was a real struggle this year. Sometimes it means leaving things behind and sometimes that means pushing through things I don't have time to do, but it's always worth it in the end.

There have been countless evenings where I explain to Ryan over the phone how I don't know how I can keep going, how I can hold down all of these things and put 110% into each one. It's all about finding that perfect balance each day. Time for friends and family is important. Time to do the things you love, whether that's reading a non-academicly related book or spending hours surfing the Internet. And time to forget about the things that aren't important today like going for that run or getting fresh vegetables at the grocery store. Things can wait and you will get to it.

When I'm in my organizing prime I like to plan out my week on a half an hour basis. Even including time for getting ready in the morning, transportation time, blog time, study time, all of it! It helps me to stay focus and allow myself to keep up with the craziness of my world. But sometimes it's not always easy, I've definitely learnt that this semester. For the first time I missed TWO meetings, two. I just got lost in a sea of homework, reports, council meetings, events, work and just didn't show up to two meetings. I was actually pretty down about this for a few weeks but realized I need to get back into it. And thanks to the most amazing people I am lucky enough to be surrounded with, it was okay to make those mistakes and learn by trial and error.

But if I can say anything to you, do it all. University is the time to do too much, get carried away and try on different hats. Do what drives your passion and always, always try your best. There will times when you are overwhelmed (I certainly am on a most often daily basis) but those are the times that you will look back and think to yourself, "Wow, look at what I accomplished." And THOSE are the skill you will use in a real life setting.


  1. Just remember Sweet Pea.... Where ever you are.. be there!

  2. Thats a really insightful post. I am in my last semester in my 4th year and although I don't regret not doing as much as possible, I do wish that I had arranged my time a lot better!
    Well done being so organised with the half-hour organisers :)