Sunday, March 4, 2012

Trip to Chapters

I've kept a journal (ergh, for some reason I don't like the term "journaling") since I can remember learning to write. Over the years I've found random books around the house with little entries and stories from boys in my class to stars in the sky. I've always been writer but I've always hated English class.

When I was 14 I started a more serious journal that I kept up with for 4-5 years. But after moving all my stuff home and then back to Guelph last summer my journal got lost in the chaos. Well not quite lost, I know where she is she just hasn't been with me. So yesterday I had enough, I told myself I need a new book of thoughts! I've been thinking too many things to keep track of all in my brain, I really need to get them down somewhere.

So I took a trip to the local Chapters and rummaged through their thousands of different journals and books. Leather covers, textured covers, covers with beautiful artwork. Pages with lines, pages without lines, pages with random designs. I knew what I wanted.

Plain cover. A simple leather (if possible). Pages with lines, no designs around the edges. White paper.

Oh, I also had to buy two CDs....

1. Journal/Book 
2. Kathleen Edwards: Voyageur
3. Goyte: Making Mirrors
4. Stacey's Chips/Crackers. The BEST with hummus 
5. I actually work


  1. your journal and my Kobo can be friends

  2. I accidentally started looking at Kobo cases right when I walked in thinking they were real books....I made it look like I knew what I was sort of doing.