Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Sunday

Currently: Listening to Ryan type away on his computer, writing and researching a paper on Napoleon. Lying in bed, which is perfectly placed next to a wide open window with city sunlight streaming in. Carefully thinking and hopefully planning out the upcoming week. Feeling my stomach try to digest the "hangover breakfast" I had this morning. No hangover actually needed. Just the normal diner breakfast but with poutine instead of home fries. Contemplating the future (as always) as I wanted to buy a green coffee press for the apartment me and Ryan currently do not have and won't for who knows how long. Listening to the Kennedy Center Honors.

Wishing: That the weather was a tad bit warmer so I could sit outside on the hill beside Ryan's apartment. That weekends did not have to end and that long distance relationships were less distance. That I had a puppy to take on a walk. That I was crafty. That I cared more about sustainability and the future of the world. That I knew what religion I identified with, or that there was no pressure to identify at all. That going for run didn't make me sweaty or required a tremendous amount of effort. That I focused more on school this semester, did my readings more often and worked harder on some of my papers. That I knew how to apply eyeliner, no, wishing I knew what kind of eyeliner to use. And then learning how to use it.

Wanting: A jacket, out of the at least two handfuls of coats I have I brought none up with me to Ottawa. A hair cut and for someone to tell me to get bangs or not to get bangs. To call my parents, I do that way too infrequently. Day time cuddles. To read a good book without feeling overly guilty. To splurge and get a new pair of glasses, get Sally a check up, buy a nice camera and some new shoes. To donate a ton of my wardrobe to swap day at my school. To slow life down a bit and smell the roses.

That smile.

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