Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Shoes

With this new, glorious, achingly hot sun comes a change of fashion. A drastic change. I'm pretty sure I was wearing big black boots last week and now I need some type of sandal/flat thing that isn't completely fancy, good for everyday wear. Sneakers or converse are too bulky for me, I need something light and durable. Like REALLY durable, I got new combat boots this fall and they are now ruined, done, completely used.

After quickly browsing around I have come up with the following not too long list of potential choices:
Toms were the shoe of choice last spring so a new different pair are totally an option. Those yellow do dads are definitely not on the top of my list but they're unique so they got included. I'm liking the Sperry's look but would definitely have to get the perfect pair to make them work. I am currently rocking the traditional Burks: 

Tell me what I should do, what's your favourite spring shoe?!


  1. The lace Toms are adorable. I love them.

  2. Lace Toms! Love the lace Toms.

  3. I'm wearing the burks right now + I LOVE THEM! Totally classic. I've had my eye on the lace Tom's though, but I'm going to pass I think. I just got the Tom's flats. Good luck choosing ♥

  4. Love the first pair and the blue peep-toes! New follower from Mingle Monday :)